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The Way to Lasting Healing        

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Theology Of the Soul Psychology Institute's Mission Statement

Psychology originally and correctly understood, is "the Study of the Human Intellectual Soul".  Without consideration of the immaterial Soul - that which is our human intellect and free will - modern psychology and psychiatry negate the most essential element of the Person, and as a result draw erroneous conclusions and teach heresy throughout all aspects of Modern Psychology and Psychiatry: research, education, and treatment.  The Mission of Theology Of the Soul Psychology Institute (TOS), is to educate the world on "True Psychology", and by extension Psychiatry, in order to teach the "Way to Lasting Healing" to all Souls throughout the world.
Teaches "True Psychology", & "Lasting Healing Psychology" for all Psychological: Struggles, Disorders, Addictions (vices) Gender and Attraction Disorders, & Emotional Trauma
Exposes the lies & heresies of Modern
Psychology & Psychiatry
Completely teaches how to correctly meet all the needs that all human beings have to feel Loved, Peace, Content, Fulfilled, and free from harmful emotional suffering

The Treatment Method is called,
"10 Steps to Lasting Healing and Sanctity"
(LH Psychology)
10 Steps to Lasting Healing and Sanctity works for any:
gender, age, race culture, education level, social economic status, psychological struggle,
harmful emotion, psychological disorder, addiction (vice), form of disordered attraction, gender confussion, or emotional trauma

"To be free from harmful emotional suffering and meet our emotional needs, we have
to want objective Truth, which means we have to want to learn how and correctly
search for all the ways that we are wrong in all of our: Perspectives, Attitudes,
Priorities, & Judgments...and then properly work to change them to Truth-Love."
~ Katherine Miller de Vences

"Lasting Healing Psychology"
                                        utilized correctly will also lead to...

Fixing the
"Broken Mental Health System"

by replacing costly and ineffective hospitalizations and psychotropic medications with the best way to work toward lasting healing that one can accomplish anywhere

Stopping "Mental Illness" based Mass Killings and Suicides

by exposing the real causes, and teaching real prevention and the way to lasting healing of hallucinations and violent desires

Ending PTSD and Preventing Suicides for Soldiers and Veterans

by working to achieve the lasting healing of memories and their pain and suffering; in order to see the good that results from all that happens; to obtain real hope and live fully in the present

Completely Rehabilitating Addiction Sufferers and Inmates

by correctly working to obtain and maintain lasting peace, contentment, and fulfillment internally, to fill the emptiness inside through a purpose and a focus greater than ourselves

Converting the cultures of death to the Culture of Life

by replacing selfishness and fear in oneself, with Love and Truth obtained from their only original source

Becoming the most Loving Person one can be

by working to become completely self-aware and learning how to cooperate fully to receive lasting healing for any and all personal sins both interior and exterior

Helping Prevent Diabetes and Establishing Weight Control

by working toward the lasting healing of one's cravings and bad eating desires, while increasing internal self-control over one's level of motivation

Bringing about Interacial and World Peace

by recognizing real equality and similarity in our imperfections and how to contribute to the well being of all humanity simply through one's daily choices and how we handle our own feelings

Putting an End to the origin of Bullying and all Types of Relational Abuse (child, spouse, elder, etc.)

by ending the generational cycle of abuse through working on the lasting healing of memories of childhood wounds and suffering, while correctly meeting one's needs for love and fulfillment

Improving: Communication, Attitudes, & Cooperation in the Home and Workplace

by working to develop self-awareness, discernment, and prudence, knowing our God-Worth, and working to elimiate the "Insecurity Mechanisms" such as: defensiveness, blaming, rationalizing, controling, projecting, selfish using, people please, and feelings fixing.
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