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Sunday, October 17, 2021, 09:32

One day an atheist came to me for psychological help...

Question I:

What is Truth?


Client's 3 answers:

1. "It's a concept which is either True, or false (i.e. a lie)".

2. It is the action of differentiating between what is True and what is false / a lie.

3. It is a personal positive benefit.


My question to #1: How is it possible for Truth to also be false?


Client's response: "I can't think very well right now."..."I don't know."


My answer: You don't know because it's impossible; it's a contradiction in logic; therefore it is not true.  Truth cannot also be false. 


My question to #2: If #1 is false, #2 is automatically false.  In addition the act of differentiating something, is NOT the "something" itself.


My response to #3: Yes "a personal positive benefit" is what we receive from having Truth and why we want and need Truth, but this is NOT Truth "itself".  And since your 1st and 2nd answers are false, you still haven't answered the question.  What is Truth?  [I answer this further down.]


Question II:


What is Love?


Client's 2 answers:

1. "It is a concept that is an act of affection."

2. "It is a positive emotional state."


My question to #1: How is Love an act of affection if most people selfishly use others physically, which is unloving?  How is Love an act of affection when you can assume in your imagination that I am loving you, but I am only physically using you so that I can try to either physically feel good and/or imagine that I am being loved by being physical with you (even when you don't love me)? 


Client's response: (In shock and horror) "Well then, how can we know if they are loving us or being unloving?!"


My answer: We have to learn the Truth of how to recognize the difference in each situation, which we have to learn from the original source of Truth. [This is explained further below.] 

1. Human beings can give and take physical affection all day long, and objectively they could only be selfishly using the other person and NOT loving the other person at all. 

2. Physical affection can be an ACT of Love; NOT Love itself.  Because we have to CHOOSE to Love FIRST BEFORE we choose show Love through physical affection.

My response to #2: Love is NOT an emotion...How is this proven?

Love is NOT an emotion, even though it can be felt.  All emotions are feelings, BUT NOT all feelings are emotions.  [Much further below I prove how Love is a choice; not an emotion.]

And we can choose to do an act that is objectively loving without FEELING "love"; but rather choosing to act in Love even though we DON'T feel like it.  Choosing to do what is right and good even if we in part don't want to and even if we don't feel like it, is some degree of Love, without the "feeling". 



Is Love and Truth spiritual or physical?...Obviously Spiritual.


Is Love and Truth alive or dead?...Obviously not dead; therefore Alive.


Are the concepts ABOUT Truth and Love abstract or concrete?...Abstract.


Is both Love and Truth a concept or an entity (aka being)?....An Entity (aka being).


Truth and Love cannot be a concept for 2 Reasons:


1. because a concept is OF / ABOUT something...The concept of X.  The concept of Truth is not Truth itself.  For example, The concept that I have ABOUT YOU, is NOT YOU YOURSELF.


For example, I can know all kinds of concepts about you and if I only have a relationship in my mind with these concepts of you, do I have a relationship with you the person? NO. 


Secular human definitions of "concept": 


An abstract idea; a general notion [about something]

For example: "structuralism is a difficult concept"

idea, notion, conception, abstraction;
Definition of concept
1.     1 :  something conceived in the mind :  thought, notion

2.     2 :  an abstract or generic idea generalized from particular instances

Truth is NOT a concept because "concepts" are either True or False...and Truth does NOT originate from human beings. [as proven further below]


Question III:


Where do Truth and Love come from; originate?  


Client's 3 answers:


1. "Truth comes from the moral conscience of the person; and is only in persons; not animals, because animals cannot reason; they function only based on instinct."


2. "Love is a feeling which does not come from one's society, because a child is born feeling love, and a dog can feel love for his master."


3. "Love and Truth first come from our parents."


My response to #1: Truth and Love NEVER originate in / from the mind of any human being.


Proven by the facts that:


1. Are we created knowing Abstract moral Truths?  NO.  We are created knowing nothing about abstract moral Truths...everything we know we learn from our experiences; including experiences in the womb...we have to be taught from someone.


2. So where did we learn our abstract moral Truths?  If you say from our parents, where did they learn abstract moral Truths?....


3. Where did the first human beings who had NO human parents learn / receive abstract moral Truths?   From monkeys or apes that know nothing abstract?  From a big bang?  Material Evolution?  How can Truth, an abstract spiritual living entity come from something that is only concrete, material and non-intellectual?  IT CAN'T.


My response to #2 and #3: Does a dog feel Love FOR his master, or does the dog ONLY feel good because he is taken care of by his master?  There is a huge difference between being pleased that we are taken care of, or pleased that we are getting our way, or pleased that we are being Loved and accepted by another, VERSUS being the one who is feeling and giving Love to the other. 


Furthermore, a brute animal can only function instinctively in what is concrete; never what is abstract; because a brute animal cannot reason, etc.  Therefore, the concepts of Love and Truth being abstract, means that Love can NEVER originate from anything material; i.e. brute animal, nor the brain.  Which means brute animals, who don't have an immaterial intellectual soul cannot choose to Love.


If Truth and Love came from human beings, then why don't you have all the Truth and Love now?  Then why are you sometimes suffering from feeling unloved or from feeling alone, or from feeling rejected?  Then why don't you know the Truth of how to stop your emotional suffering?  [FYI: our emotions and feelings are NEVER caused by exterior sources, except in the case of us having good feelings from God. For example, no one can make me feel rejected.  This is will explained further down.]

If Truth and Love comes from other human beings, then why aren't you able to always get Truth and Love from any or all other human beings? 

If you were able to get Truth and Love from other human beings, that would mean you should be able to get Truth and Love from yourself.  And if either were true, that would mean that you would never emotionally suffer; i.e. you would never be unhappy. 

[If you say you are never emotionally suffering or are never unhappy, you're lying.]

Therefore Love and Truth do NOT originate from Human beings.  How else is this proven?

Does any human being have all the Truth?...or have enough Truth to always be perfectly happy at any point and time?  NO.  ["Truth hurts"; i.e. "The Truth causes suffering." is a lie that is easily psychologically proven, because those who believe this don't want the Truth, and not wanting the Truth is what hurts and causes emotional suffering.] 

If Truth originated from a human being, then the human beings would always have all the Truth, which no one does; obviously.

Are the majority of human beings always Loving?  NO.  If Love originated from human beings, then the human beings would always be perfectly Loving. 

Let's say for the sake of argument (remember I'm speaking to a self-proclaimed atheist) that Mary the Mother of Jesus Christ was always perfectly Loving.  If Love originated from her, that would mean that all the human beings for all of time would need to get Love from her in order to have Love, which is impossible. 

Second, Mary was NOT the first human being to exist, so if Love originated from her, that would logically mean that all the billions and billions of human beings who existed  before her, would never have received Love nor been able to give Love to others.  That is historically irrational. 

Therefore, even if a human being is perfectly Loving, Love cannot originate from the human being.

In addition, where did Truth and Love come from for the 1st human being who existed?  Let's say that the evolutionary theories of the "Big Bang" or what I like to call the "Monkey Parents Theory" are true.  I call it the "Monkey Parents Theory" because if we human beings evolutionized from some species of monkey brute animal, that would mean that the parents of the first human being were monkeys...SERIOUSLY?!  Can you imagine Adam and Eve complaining to each other about how their parents just don't understand them because they're a couple of dumb monkeys?!

Can what is Intelligent, Abstract, Spiritual, Living come from anything that is non-living?  NO  ...come from anything that is material?  NO  ...come from anything that is non-intelligent?  NO  ...come from anything dead?  NO. 

Therefore, Truth and Love being an intelligent, abstract, spiritual and living ENTITY, CANNOT come from what is a material, and/or ignorant, and/or non-living thing. 

Love and Truth cannot originate from any "big bang" nor "monkey parents". 

Another proof of this is the fact, that to be able to give and receive "Love" with another who is being Loving to you is NOT PERFECT LOVE.  Perfect Love is to be able to GIVE LOVE while being given unloving evil from another, which NO ANIMAL is ever capable of doing.  [Forced submission due to being the weaker creature is NOT giving Love.]

And since we have proven that Love is an abstract, spiritual, living, entity (being) AND is a choice and NOT an emotion, NOR is Love physical affection itself, therefore, Love cannot come from brute animals who are material only creatures who cannot reason, have NO free will nor intellect; therefore they cannot choose, they can only react based on programmed instinct, which is physical only and NOT spiritual. 

So all this being proven Truth (based on scientific natural law), there has to be an intelligent spiritual living entity (being), who is NOT a human being from where originates ALL Truth and Love!  So what is His Name?


We English speaking Catholics call Him GOD: The Father; Jesus Christ; Holy Spirit.


[How do we get our needs met for Truth and Love?]




What are the 2 things that we care most about and want the most?


1. To be Loved / To feel Loved.

2. To be Right / To have the Truth  [To "know it all" / To be "smart" / To be Wise]


We want to think we are always right and we want to think that we know it all...because we NEED (to know / have the) TRUTH to be happy!...same as with Love...


In reaction to all of the above, the atheist projects his feelings onto me:

"Only people who are afraid go to God." (his assumption without any evidence to support this)


My response: It is a psychological fact that we human beings make ALL of our decisions in order to 1. benefit and 2. avoid suffering.   Therefore those who decided that they DON'T want to go to God; how do they think this benefits them and helps them avoid suffering?


You are the one who does not want to go to God because you are afraid. You have the belief about the future that if you go to God it will cause you some kind of suffering, for if you didn't believe this then you would go to God in order to seek benefit.  So this means that you have to fear future suffering if you go to God.  Therefore you are the one who is afraid; not those of us who go to God.  So what are YOU AFRAID OF?!


Why don't you want God to exist? 

What are you afraid of? 


Client's response: "I'm afraid that everything you say is True."

Me: Oh, so you are afraid of being wrong.  [He smiled really big.]


Why are you afraid of being wrong?  If you are already wrong, you are already causing yourself suffering, therefore, how is KNOWING and BELIEVING you are wrong when you are wrong, going to cause you suffering?  If it's the Truth, it won't cause you more suffering, it will LESSON your suffering...because then you can STOP being wrong and start being right! 


You say you want to stop emotionally suffering and that you want peace, contentment, joy, and fulfillment, but you who were baptized, first communioned, and confirmed Catholic [commitments that your parents and you made with Jesus Christ] say that you don't want to try to go to Jesus Christ for any of these things...But you ARE suffering and I, who go to Jesus Christ for everything am NOT emotionally suffering like you are...So how is NOT going to Jesus Christ, going to help you avoid or stop emotionally suffering, when you can't prove that doing so will harm you and you have NOTHING to lose?  How irrational, that you think that doing something that works for millions of people will cause you suffering, while you are already suffering and receiving no relief. 


Client's response: "What about all the Catholic and so called religious people or spiritual people who are greatly emotionally suffering psychologically?" 


I answer that: These people are emotionally suffering from depression and all its forms, anxiety and all its forms, insecurity, anger, aggression, addictions, homosexuality, and many other types of problems and emotional suffering, in all their forms and degrees BECAUSE they don't have Truth and Love; which they don't get just because they do "religious ritual behaviors".


There is a HUGE difference between directly seeking from and cooperating with Jesus Christ in reality in order to receive Truth and Love, versus just asking for "help" to some theoretical God we create in our imaginations and begging for our way, or sitting in Church being social or being entertained or being in a Church group being social and entertained, because these are something to do.  There are degrees in how obedient or disobedient we are to the Will of God. 


Most Catholics and other Christians are very disobedient to God even within their own Religion; they just rationalize, make excuses, blame, and lie to themselves that they are "good Christians".  These are the people who are emotionally suffering the WORST.  Because they are directly willfully REJECTING Truth and Love.  These are the people who expect God to do all the work and these are the people who blame everyone and everything else but themselves for their suffering. 


Client's response: "But I see my problems / suffering as a circle with no beginning and no end of which I have to have something to replace the circle with a triangle, but how?"


My response: You think there is no beginning and no end because you don't know the real causes of your problems / suffering nor do you know any correct solutions, all of which I do know and can teach you.  And yes, you do have to replace the negatives with THE CORRECT positives, which I also know how and I can also teach you.


First the causes: We emotionally suffer in bad ways, like your depression, fears, insecurity, and addiction, when we FAIL to have chosen Truth and Love, which is, was, and has always been your fault / your free will to choose.  How?


1. We are a Soul: free will and intellect, which both together perform the "action of conscience".  The Soul is spiritual only which exists throughout our entire being, is the form of our body, and animates our body.


2. Our Soul since before birth, has been receiving and learning both Truths (Love) and Lies (absence of Truth+Love) through all of our experiences.


3. Our Soul receives and learns both Truths and Lies because we CHOOSE to either ACCEPT or REJECT them.


4. When we choose with our intellectual Soul to accept either a Truth or a Lie, they become our:

           1. Attractions and Unattracted to

           2. Likes and Dislikes

           3. Wants / Desires (don't want / don't desire)

           4. Expectations

           6. Beliefs

           7. Thoughts

           8. All of 1 - 7 cause our Emotions and Feelings (virtues and vices respectively). 


5. Therefore, your depression, anxiety / fears, insecurity, addictions, etc. are caused by all of the LIES that you have chosen to: be attracted to, like, want/desire, expect, belief, and think. 


6. You chose to accept LIES because no one taught you how to discern the difference between what is Truth vs. what is False...because your parents don't know how to either.


Patient's question: "But I have been suffering from all of these since I was a young child.  How did my problems begin as long as I can remember if children are not as intellectually high functioning as adults?"


My response: We human beings are conceived with our Soul: intellect and free will to choose.  We begin making these choices even while we are in the womb.


In addition, a big lie is that adults are higher functioning than children intellectually / psychologically / spiritually / emotionally.  There is little difference between the objective intellectual level of functioning between children and the majority of adults.  Most adults function the same as or worse than children.  And actually children are higher functioning intellectually (psychologically) than adults because they have less lies / sin / etc.  One having more experiences, more formal education, and more responsibilities, NEVER automatically makes one higher functioning intellectually.  Humanity has the wrong priority and is looking at the wrong aspects of what is "intelligence". 


Client's question: "How many lies do we have inside our Soul?"

My response: Thousands in every area of: attractions, likes, dislikes, wants/desires, expectations, beliefs, and thoughts.


Client's question: "But then why am I emotionally suffering more than others?"


I answer that:

1. Many people are suffering the same as you and worse than you; you just don't know them.

2. Many people who you do know are better at lying and hiding how they are really suffering.

3. You are so preoccupied with your own suffering / focused on yourself, you don't even notice how others are suffering.

4. People have different amounts of lies (falsehoods) and different types of lies (falsehoods). 

a. Particular lies we are: attracted to, like, want/desire, expect, believe, think, cause particular types of emotional suffering. 

b. All lies are not the same.  Lies are in degrees of evil.  Therefore some lies are worse and cause more suffering than others. 


Questions I sent home with client:


For everything you are attracted to, like, dislike, want/desire, believe, think, and feel, ask yourself:

What makes me think that I'm right? 

Where did I learn that?

Who do I think I am? 


How do I think God sees us?...

How do I think God treats us?...

What do I think God does to us?... 

What do I think God wants from us?...

What do I think God wants for us?...

What do I think God needs?

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