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An Underlying Arrogant Analogy

An Underlying Arrogant Analogy

Monday, August 8, 2022

The evil twisting of Feminism of women is a boundariless demonic reaction to the Chauvinism of men and sexual exploitation of women and children.

The irrational analogies used by some men attempting to explain male and female differences, unbeknownst to them, are based in decades of chauvinism and secular pantheistic psychology and psychiatry. Egregious is the fact that this is their philosophical basis for their misunderstandings of the marital relationship between a husband and wife. This, combined with the arrogant belief that one gender is intellectually superior to the other, is fueled by the lacking in self-awareness of the Truth that both genders incorrectly and primarily make decisions based on psychological emotions and feelings.

The following quotes are taken from the post "THE GREAT HIDDEN DANGER OF SECULAR FEMINISM", which was written by a clergyman in direct reaction to trying to balance out a meme, that called out the harmful evils of pornography on all people, which is reposted as the image of this blog. Many Truths of common knowledge were made in his response about feminism; some of the best I am including for balance and context.

This time, unless it becomes necessary in the future, in charity I am leaving out the author's name who does exceptional work otherwise, in order to protect his reputation, for there are a plethora of those who believe the following erroneous analogies to be useful, and have unknowingly come by them from the learned behaviors of machismo and chauvinism passed down from father to son and professor to seminarian for well over 2000 years.

J.D. "We cannot take the place of another person with a specific vocation from God, as SECULAR FEMINISM tells us to do regarding ordination of women, and looking continually at the faults of one’s husband so as to justify putting aside ones husband. This is why Our Lady continually asks us to not judge but to pray for priests and bishops, the first target of Satan."

I respond to that: Starting off the bat, this priest begins with trying to set himself up to not be constructively criticized for any possible errors in his thinking, writing, and other external actions. For it's unclear how "not judge but to pray for priests and bishops" has anything to do with "secular feminism tells us to do regarding ordination of women", or "justifying putting aside ones husband". This posturing is a standard red flag from prideful bullies of both genders and in any walk of life.  Another problem is the author's failure to sight a reference for this supposed claim, which is NOT common knowledge, even among the theologically educated.

Because this claim about Our Lady is infused with the sentimental secular liberal argument "don't judge", which is exactly what people cry, especially chauvinistic leadership, as well as secular feminists, when they don't want to be confronted, disciplined, or boundaried for their sins against others, high greatly doubt she said it. It's the same attitude as those who believe they are above the law without being loving at all. We are all called to judge right from wrong as it relates to both ourselves and others in relationship to us, as directly stated in Scripture and Canon Law. As one Truth doesn't negate another, we are also called to pray for priests, bishops, and everyone, as well as confront others in charity when prudent and necessary.

J.D. "TODAY EVEN CATHOLIC MEDIA (seeking to be “politically correct”!) PROMOTES THE “EMPOWERMENT” OF WOMEN (as does secular feminism) but rarely promotes the wife’s fundamental vocation to inspire her husband, with much patience and prayer as did all the married women saints of the past. Secular feminism promotes the controlling, manipulating, seducing and dominating men...It turns out to be almost always worse after divorce and remarriage, as the statistics show. The true saints of God prayed, with much patience and perseverance, for their respective spouses."

I respond to that: I fully agree. Secular feminism has become nothing more than the sinful reaction of women to men's sinful "controlling, manipulating, seducing, and dominating" of women, called Machismo and Chauvinism. Thereby, secular feminism teaches women to sinfully imitate the most disrespectful unloving lustful selfish using man that a woman can imagine, usually based on her own personal experiences. The failure of both genders in inspiring each other with much patience and prayer as did all the married men and women saints of the past, is the foundation for the creation of secular feminism. Blaming solely one gender, or the blaming of each other is exactly part of the problem. And I love that he stated that "the true saints of God prayed, with much patience and perseverance, for their respective spouses." As a wife, this is my daily goal.

J. D. "Secular feminism, along with just about all Catholic media today, relegates the passages from Sacred Scripture, regarding the relationship between the husband, the wife and the children, as out of date for our modern times as if human nature and marriage has changed in the last 2000 years (1Pet 3:1-7; Eph 5:21-33; 1Cor 7:1-10).""How different is the meaning of the slogan of the ’68 revolution, “continual struggle!”, and the “DOUR COMBAT with the powers of evil” in the Catechism of Catholic Church for adults (CCC 409; ed. 1992, promulgated by Pope John Paul II; http://www.vatican.va/archive/ENG0015/_INDEX.HTM)?!? One is a struggle against the legitimate authority as do spoiled arrogant capricious children against their parents while the other struggle is a combat against the powers of evil!?! It is incredible how we have turned upside down everything in our blind pride!!!"

I respond to that: Unfortunately, the Chauvinists are too busy scapegoating and pointing fingers at the evils of Secular Feminism, and vice versa, rather than everyone taking the logs out of their own eyes. Both sides continue to blame the other, as this author does. It's not a divide between the religious and the secular, for both sides are lustful selfish users. It's a divide between the religious chauvinists and the grudge holding vengeful dissidents claiming to be religious. Someone is going to have to convert first, and whoever does is the righteous one.

And since the author mentions my dear Saint Pope John Paul II's name, but fails to quote his and Pope Pius the XI's explanations of Eph 5 "passages from Sacred Scripture, regarding the relationship between the husband, the wife", I will quote the Popes here:

Pope Pius XI taught in 1930 (Casti connubii, 10 cf. The Navarre Bible — Captivity Epistles):

“The submission of the wife neither ignores nor suppresses the liberty to which her dignity as a human person and her noble functions as wife, mother, and companion give her the full right."

"It does not oblige her to yield indiscriminately to all the desires of her husband; and his desires may be unreasonable or incompatible with her wifely dignity."

"It does not mean that she is on a level with persons who in law are called minors. And minors are ordinarily denied the unrestricted exercise of their rights because of their immature judgment and not having enough experience."

And Saint Pope John Paul II concludes: “Husband and wife are, in fact, ‘subject to one another,’ mutually subordinated to one another. The source of this reciprocal submission lies in Christian pietas and its expression is love.”

Saint Pope John Paul II also states:

"While the analogy used in Ephesians clarifies the mystery of the relationship between Christ and the Church, at the same time, it reveals the essential truth about marriage, namely, that marriage corresponds to the vocation of Christians only when it mirrors the love that Christ, the Bridegroom, gives to the Church, his Bride, and which the Church (in likeness to the wife who is “subject,” and thus completely given) seeks to give back to Christ in return."

End Quotes from both Popes.

J. D. "BY NATURE, GOD HAS GIVEN TO MEN THE VOCATION TO PROTECT THE WIFE, FAMILY AND SOCIETY, while the woman looks at the details of the persons and the family. In God’s plan, the woman inspires her husband and the husband inspires the children and thus the society."

I respond to that: These comments are a grievous over simplification and negation of what both men and women's many vocational responsibilities and abilities are. This limiting over generalization of women goes with the old saying, knowing only a little information is dangerous. A leader is the one who is called to inspire ALL to be better. So the way this is written, the wife is identified as the leader, which I highly doubt the author intended. FYI, a leader is also called to serve everyone else, so saith Christ Himself. Throughout my 50 years of experience on the subject, the men who demand the literal interpretation of Eph. 5 consistently serve no one but themselves.

These statements by this author, putting men and women in narrow waffle boxes, leave out the fact that woman are also responsible for protecting the children, and husbands are also called to look at the details of the persons and the family, of which they ARE capable of doing if they want to stop being selfishly self-centered, which lust, pornography, masturbation, substance abuse, smoking, and other addictions/idolatries such as but not limited to, work, money, secular entertainment media use and video games, and over eating, do NOT afford either gender the ability to do. Additionally the husband is also called by God to inspire his wife as well, and both of them are called to inspire their children and thus society.

J. D. "Venerable Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen wrote: “To a great extent the level of any civilization is the level of its womanhood. When a man loves a woman, he has to become worthy of her. The higher her virtue, the more her character, the more she is devoted to truth, justice and goodness, the more a man has to aspire to be worthy of her. The history of civilization could actually be written in terms of the level of its women.”"

I respond to that: I have always liked this quote since hearing it. However, using my beloved Sheeny out of the context of when he made this statement on his TV program, in order to justify blaming pornography, the failures of men, and the immorality of civilization solely on the sins of women and the evils of secular feminism is nothing short of ignorant cowardice and is exactly what both a selfish using chauvinist and selfish using secular feminist would do.

Unfortunately, this belief by Venerable Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen only works if and when 1) men actually want to learn how to be loving, 2) men want to marry a woman intellectually superior to them, 3) the majority of men don't become homosexual, or are not addicted to porn and masturbation. Grievously, as was in the case of the Roman Empire, none of these are current reality sufficiently in the Western Cultures. FYI, #2 is necessary because the intellect and free will of the Soul is where virtuousness, moral character, devotion to truth, justice, and goodness, exist and are developed.

J. D. "Studies show that the children follow much more the example of the father than the mother."

I answer that: Here we go with the old "studies show" manipulation, and of course without actually referencing any real study that we can verify and check for lies. Regardless, let's say for the sake of argument that this is true, as it very well could be. The author has just contradicted himself in the previous quote by Sheen on how women are the defining factor for the level of functioning of civilization. Because if the children follow much more the example of the father, then that would make the men the determining factor for the level of civilization, for whomever controls the influence and education of children rules the world.

J.D. "In God’s design, the husband is the head of the family and the wife is the heart of the family! Satan seeks to confuse this perfect plan of God so as to destroy the family, the fundamental cell of society. Secular feminism promotes power seeking, envy, jealousy, division and upheaval, instead of understanding, appreciating and living the different vocations as different ways of serving others so as to procure true unity and peace."

I respond to that: Not negating the recognition of the parts of the Truth stated in this quoted paragraph, the promulgators of this age old erroneous analogical comparison, "husband is the head and the wife is the heart", are also slightly confused. This comparison between the head and heart is founded in both chauvinism and lies from secular pantheistic psychology and psychiatry. For both men and women, husbands and wives, are called to be virtuously intellectual, virtuously emotional, to think, and to Love. What does this fact have to do with using this analogy you ask? Just wait till further along when the connection is made by the philosophical errors of the author himself, then it will become fully exposed as to why this analogy is irrational.

First, secular pantheistic psychology and psychiatry teach that the intellect and capability of human thinking and feeling is the brain in the head. This is a complete lie that disagrees with Doctor of the Catholic Church St. Thomas Aquinas' teachings on the Soul. The heart muscle IS a credible analogy for the Soul; as a visual representation of Love. However, that makes the analogy even worse, because both men and women, husbands and wives are Divinely called to be Loving. Furthermore, many of the saints both within and outside of Scripture, used the word "heart" to represent the body in context of when they are also discussing the Soul, which is the intellect and free will. And the word "mind" has historically represented the intellectual power of the Soul as well as the brain depending on context, as does Dr. St. Thomas Aquinas.

And unbeknownst to most of the theologically learned, the Soul is from where all humans BOTH intellectually think AND emotionally feel. Love, just like Wisdom and Truth, is virtuously intellectual, and all psychological emotions and feelings are caused by the intellect and free will to choose of the human being regardless of gender. That's right, we emotionally feel with our intellect, which is a power of our Soul, NOT our brain.

Regardless of whether or not in an ideal world the husband is supposed to be the leader; aka the "head" of the family, representing one gender with only a person's literal "head" in comparison and relationship to representing the other gender with only a person's literal heart, is an irrational analogy not only because both men and women are called to lead the other and their children to Holiness and Truth by example, to serve each other in Love, and to "be submissive to one another" Eph. 5 and Matthew 20 and St. Pope John Paul II, but also because as mentioned, the intellect and free will, where all human beings regardless of gender both think and feel, are powers of the Soul, NOT the brain in the head and NOT the heart muscle. The Soul being the form and animator of the entire body, is throughout the entire body, including the brain and the heart muscle. So saith Dr. St. Thomas Aquinas and the Catholic Church.

J. D. "Generally speaking, the sins of the woman are more hidden than those of men, but not less grave."

I respond to that: Generally speaking, what facts do you have to prove that opinion true? This is actually a projection of the fact that the sins such as pornography use, masturbation, and promiscuity, when committed by men, have been publicly promoted to be more socially "hidden" because they are sinfully more tolerated and accepted in men by both secular and fallible Christian societies. As well as the fact that in Caucasian cultures, men have been wrongly taught to stuff all of their sinful psychological emotions and feelings, except anger, which they usually refuse to accept is a sin.

Furthermore, simply because too many men (and women), especially of the chauvinist or pornography using persuasion, don't want to see in either direction (inward or outward) past the end of their own noses, doesn't mean that the sins of women are or are not anymore hidden than the sins of men. Anyone who is not too prideful and understands moral theology; aka True Psychology, will be able to clearly see the interior sins manifested exteriorly by both genders, which are completely the same and simply may manifest and look exteriorly different because of differences in unique personality, gender, ages, races, and cultures.

Cases in point: Men predominantly manifest their sins of hurt, upset, depression and anxiety through the public cover up of the controlling sin of anger (both genders actually do this as recognized by Aquinas). Men only seem to be more sinfully controlling than women because they are supported and encouraged to be so by their male peers, and generally speaking men are typically bigger and more physical than women in comparison. Did you know that both passiveness, manipulation, lying, feelings fixing, people pleasing, and being late are all sinfully controlling behaviors?

And men and women equally suffer from the sins of depression, anxiety, and the sinful character disorders, such as "Borderline" (borderline narcissism), all three of which are objectively more "hidden" in men than women. All three are simply easier to recognize exteriorly with women, due to the fact that more women seek a counselor than men do, and women are more honest about expressing when suffering from them.

The Borderline Narcissism character disorder, is also more recognizable in women than men because of the women's use of cosmetics, immodest dress, and the double standard public unacceptability of sexual promiscuity and addictions in women versus men, as well as the over reactive dramatic exaggerations when speaking that are more pronounced and recognizable in women than in men of the same level of functioning, due to the typically naturally higher pitched voice of women in comparison to men.

Both men and women equally idolatrously selfishly use the other, be it at times through different means, but ultimately for the same reasons. The erroneous claim by too many men, that "men use love to get sex and women use sex to get love", is at best shallow ignorance of lacking in self-awareness. For both genders are equally desiring and seeking the perfect Love of God, be it idolatrously misappropriated toward the opposite gender. The Truth is men try to use sex to get love and women give sex to try to get love. Another way the selfish using between the genders is generally manifested and thereby perpetuated (aka reinforced), is when men believe the lie that women serving them makes them feel loved and women believe the lie that if they serve men, then men will give them love.

J. D. "In God’s infinitely wise designs, the man tends to reason with his head while the woman tends to reason with her heart. Man should listen to the heart but make the final decisions with his head. God created man and woman complimentary, equal in dignity with different roles of mutual service and love, not power and strife as Satan wants and promotes. Venerable Archbishop Fulton Sheen said: “We live in a sensate age. We are no longer governed by faith, we are no longer governed by reason. We are governed by feelings”."

I respond to that: Remember when I previously mentioned to just wait for it...while projecting the lies onto God no less.  This posturing philosophical falsehood about the differences between the genders is exactly why the analogy of using the human head (brain) to represent one gender and the human heart muscle to represent the other is beyond irrational. All human beings can ONLY reason primarily with their intellect and free will of their Immaterial Soul. Which is also where all of the psychological emotions and feelings (both virtuous and vice) are caused. This is exactly why brute animals cannot reason. And men have just as many, both virtuous and sinful, emotional feelings and emotional reactions as women, and make as many sinfully emotional decisions as women, which is blatantly obvious in the majority of men of all races on the planet, if one has the eyes to see and ears to hear.

Both men and women are equally capable and Divinely called to think and feel, neither of which use the heart muscle, nor primarily use the brain. As Aquinas and the Catholic Church state, the Soul: intellect and free will is primary to the brain / body. Again, the human ability to think and feel is primarily caused and controlled by our intellect and free will of our Soul, which is form and animator of our entire body.

Both men and women are equally capable and Divinely called to be Truth and Love as God is Truth and Love; "be perfect as your Heavenly Father is Perfect". Therefore, saying the husband is the head and the wife is the heart simply exposes the sinful lack of virtuous balance and ignorance of Truth that both men and women suffer from. Thereby showing how this is NOT a design from God and making it an analogy for how NOT to be.

The European Caucasian male minority, many of whom I have too frequently heard arrogantly verbalize that they think they are intellectually superior to everyone else, (including God), or they think that they have no emotions and think they don't make the majority of their daily decisions based on emotions and feelings, are no less delusional in their ignorance of self as they are experts in their dysfunctional ability to ignore, distract, stuff, and suppress how they emotionally feel. These men (as well as women) are lacking in a virtuous balance typically due to pride: the inability to recognize and accept Truth, be it in this case, the Truth about themselves and God. These are the men who promulgate this horrifically false analogy between the genders.

This belief, "Man should listen to the heart but make the final decisions with his head.", is not only unrealistic based on what the intellect really is and how emotions and feelings are really chosen and therefore are located, it cannot even be used as an analogy at all, because, NO man or woman should EVER "listen" in decision making, solely or primarily to their own psychological emotions and feelings, which are usually sinful, and come only from our intellect and free will to choose of our immaterial Soul. Both man and woman should be in constant listening to and discerning with God while waiting for external confirmations and constantly seeking Truth from God directly and through infallible or at least credible written sources, NOT listening to their own fallibly sinful intellects of their Souls, where all of their sinful emotions and feelings are also created through the individuals sinful: attractions, likes, dislikes, wants/desires, expectations, beliefs, and thoughts.

J. D. "Let us imitate Jesus, Mary and Joseph, the Holy Family, by staying close to the Eucharist, frequent confessions and the daily Holy Rosary. SAINT PADRE PIO said: "It would be easier for the world to survive without the sun than to do so without the HOLY MASS." This saint also said: “The ROSARY is the weapon for these times”! A good CONFESSION (a Sacrament) is more powerful than an exorcism (a sacramental)!"

I respond to that: AMEN!!

Then a commenter to the priest's Secular Feminism comment, began his response with the follow: "men and women continue to cause each other to seriously sin against God and His Commandments"

I respond to that: the BLAMING STILL continues which is why nothing changes...Totally agree with both being to blame and what needs to be added to the list of sins is the fact that men have always controlled and still control making all the laws, including abortion laws and not making all forms of pornography illegal.

And to add to previous comments and while we are balancing out the blaming of who is a fault, since this meme is actually about pornography, men started pornography way before secular feminism and the US existed, which began through actual enslavement and human trafficking of women, including children and failing to provide for and protect children and women, the latter of which is why the Church states that Adam actually committed the greater sin, etc.

Furthermore, the feminist movement did NOT begin as all evil...sinful humans twist everything. God brought a lot of good out of the feminist movement...including women and non-whites being treated as real humans with equal Divine rights, including to vote, and many women learning that it is loving to say "no" to and set boundaries with the evils of everyone, especially their husbands, not selfish, as I was not taught by both selfish using bullying adult women and men as a child. And unfortunately since the evils of the reactive secular feminist movement, women too have been supporting and voluntarily participating in pornography in order to selfishly use men rather than going to God for their needs.

I conclude:

The prideful sin of selfishly using others while blaming one's sinful failures on another and pridefully erroneously thinking one to be intellectually / emotionally superior to another is "THE GREATEST HIDDEN DANGER OF ALL". In combination with the prideful and lustful demons who are helping to keep the person blind to self-awareness, thereby preventing one from taking the log out of their own eye before being able to see the speck in the eye of another...

Just as from the beginning in Genesis, some "Adams" continue to blame God and Eve rather than himself. And some "Eves" continue to blame the snake. Moral theology states that the effects of the sins of others are God's Will for us in order that we will suffer our deserved consequences in the hopes of leading us to conversion.

Obviously even after all of the suffering affects of the secular feminism sinful reaction to men's arrogant disrespect and selfish using of women, both men and women still have refused to convert and are doubling down on their own sinfulness. Saint Padre Pio states that the sexual sins are the GREATEST.

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