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Monday, November 1, 2021

Most adults act just like a child...who gets upset because they don't get to have or do what they want, and they think they need it.

We don't need to distract the child [or ourselves] so the child doesn't feel bad, by trying to control/stop their bad emotions.  This is exactly what immature adults do to themselves when they emotionally feel bad in any way...they just want to distract themselves with any material thing (including people) they can get their hands on. 

We need to allow the child [and ourselves] to temporarily have the bad (irrational) emotions, which are being freely chosen, of not getting their [or our] way, and immediately pray with the child [and for ourselves] in a way that teaches the child: they are making themselves have their emotions, how to repent of their bad emotions, and how to seek the Truth+Love from the best and only original source of Truth+Love+Virtues; our Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ. 

Any and every time a child has a bad emotional reaction, have the child repeat the following prayers after you.  And if the child is too young or weak willed (stubborn) to do so, pray it for them out loud without them repeating it [And do this for yourself in front of your child as a good example as well]:

Jesus I'm sorry I'm making myself feel...

Jesus please heal me of my feeling...

Jesus please fill me with Your Graces and Virtues of Love and Truth...

Jesus please show me Your Truth to replace the lies I believe that are making me feel...

Thank You Jesus for Your Healing Love and Truth.

If the child reacts badly because he or she doesn't want to hear these prayers, [It's selfish for you to NOT do these prayers with the child because of their emotional reaction], that is proof the child has been taught to make selfish feeling based decision, taught to blame their feelings on externals, and has failed to be taught to take responsibility for and properly problem solve their feelings with Jesus the Christ, and failed to be taught how to have a friendship with Him.

Distracting the child [or yourself] from unpleasant feelings by giving them [or yourself] some material good: food, toy, media, etc, and/or other distraction so the child [or yourself] stops feeling bad and can forget about (i.e. stuff inside) their bad emotional reaction of not getting their way,...teaches the child to seek selfish instant material gratification (including from you and other humans) to try to "make themselves feel better" from the ignorant, prideful, selfish, blaming others, absence of Truth+Love+Virtues bad emotion the child is causing themselves, because the child lacks the Truth+Love+Virtues in that particular way...rather than seeking Jesus Christ: Truth+Love+Virtues in order to permanently feel better.

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