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Debunk Harry Potter Madness in 2 Minutes

Debunk Harry Potter Madness in 2 Minutes

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Making something that is irrational look "cool" or comical...in no way legitimizes watching or listening to the irrational.

In 2009, the Harry Potter movie, “Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince” was erroneously supported by multiple foreign and domestic Roman Catholic media newspaper sources. This is just another example of how the creators of secular media (leaving out God) have yet again snuck lies into the minds of millions of ignorant viewers. The Catholic reviewers of these films were so distracted by the argument between whether or not the series promotes active use of magic and witchcraft, that they missed other real concerns. Even if movie goers do not actively practice magic and witchcraft, they are still being encouraged and supported to be their own god among other grave sins.

And as stated in Scripture [Gal 5:19-21, Rom 1:28-31, 1 Cor 9-10, Eph 5:3-5. Col 3:5-8, 1 Tim 9-10, 2 Tim 2-5, Mat 15:19-20, 1 John 16-17] and the “Catechism of the Catholic Church” # 1852 call sorcery a sin of the flesh, and a mortal (grave) sin because it prevents one from entering heaven. So for anyone who is Catholic, especially Catholic Leadership and Catholic Media to support the 'viewing as entertainment' of any media that shows doing sorcery as a good way to achieve a good goal is directly disobeying God and His Church.

Furthermore, "fantacy role playing" with sorcery is never an objective good that benefits any human being. Just as role playing anything anti-God; the affects are not neutral with what is morally qualifyable. Fantacy role playing anything that is an objective spiritual evil, will have objectively evil spiritual affects on the human being doing so, including opening themselves up to more than normal demonic influence, which the person cannot prevent no matter what they think. Moreover, role playing sorcery directly teaches and encourages, at the very least, the intellectual sins of trying to use one's own power without God and trying to be in control of what one cannot.

Satan gives parts of the truth mixed with lies, which in turn, results in supporting varying degrees of dysfunction and teaching lies. God never supports this and He always gives the entire Truth in an entirely good way. Praise God for bringing good out of everything, if we are trying to cooperate with Him. However, this and the movie’s partial goodness, and any entertainment value, does not justify or rationalize the production and or viewing of this or any media that leaves out God either directly or indirectly. As supported by the Catechism of the Catholic Church, #1789 “One may never do evil so that good may result from it;”

Any entertainment media’s minor good qualities and if good triumphs out in the end, never justifies any media as good to watch when any other immoral message is being shown and/or taught. For example, this Harry Potter movie showed subtle underlying themes of euthanasia:

1) This sequence of events supporting euthanasia begins in the scene with the three main children discussing how old and useless some people (adults and parents) think Professor Dumbledore is. The children then laugh about how old he is as the scene ends.

2) The movie shows scenes that insinuate that Dumbledore tells Professor Snape to kill him. Where Snape says, “You ask too much of me.”

3) In the rock cave Dumbledore tells Harry that he (Dumbledore) should drink the liquid because “I’m much older, much cleverer, and I’m much less valuable.”

4) This sequence of events, plus Dumbledore’s words and actions both inside and outside the cavern, insinuate that the old should sacrifice their lives for the young because the young are the “chosen ones”

….can you spell Euthanasia?

Any themes of “sacrificing one’s life for the good of others” could only be projected onto the movie by a viewer who already knows and believes the sacrifice of Jesus Christ who is God. And this theme of real sacrifice was not shown correctly in this movie. Again, because the “chosen one” (aka Harry Potter) must do the sacrificing in order for it to be an accurate allusion to Christ; of which Harry was told NOT to do and obeyed.

Having a human hero, who does not show Christ as his hero, does not direct us toward Christ; it leads us to make that particular human character “our savior”. Therefore, we want to imitate the very imperfect and nonexistent human character rather than Jesus. It is especially misleading because the individual who we are trying to use as a role model isn’t even modeling himself after Christ. Therefore who are we following as a result? The fallible opinions and morality of this fictional sinning imperfect human being!

If you think that these movies are leading people to worship Jesus Christ you are living in the wizard fantasy world, while in reality these Harry Potter films are leading people to directly or indirectly worship Harry Potter and themselves as god. They want the good to come from themselves. They want to be like Harry, not like Jesus Christ. Christ, who by the way defeated Satan by “turning the other cheek” and “dieing to Himself”, not zapping him with a magic wand. Christ doesn’t kill Satan or anyone else in order to defeat evil!

In addition to the theme of euthenasia, a major part of the Harry Potter movie shows teenagers using each other physically as objects by “making out” as if it was appropriate behavior. This Hollywood romance theme of selfish using teaches the lies: "attraction is love", "romance is love", "physical intimacy is love" and "sex is love" and does more damage to the human psyche (immaterial Soul: Intellect (mind) and Free Will) than almost any other lies. In addition, these are real people who are engaging in this sinful behavior in the movie, which means they are choosing to sin / disobey God for money and/or fame and thereby spiritually/psychologically; emotionally harming themselves in the process.

Physical intimacy being an objective good, does not justify the watching in any degree of physical non-fraternal intimacy in entertainment media, which is usually shown through the selfish using objectification of the person. And even if the people on the screen are married to each other it is still wrong for us to use God’s good gift of sexual intimacy as entertainment.

Saint Pope John Paul II, author of “The Theology of the Body”, would have never supported any media with this physically using behavior in it, unlike the US Conference of Catholic Bishops and their movie review which stated, “Interwoven with the main plot is the story of the toll adolescent romantic tensions are taking on Harry's long-standing friendship with Hermione (Emma Watson) and Ron (Rupert Grint). There is much talk of "snogging," i.e. kissing, but -- alone double entendre aside -- Steve Kloves' script remains appropriately innocent.” And the Vatican City (CNS) stated as quoted by The Catholic News and Herald, “The Vatican newspaper said the fact that the teen stars are starting to experience a bit of romance, “with the right balance, makes them more credible.”  "Romantic tensions" are the mortal sin of lust. These Catholic leaders are the blind leading the blind right into lust and onto the path to hell.

These three major influential media leaders of God’s Catholic Church are setting a bad example by directly teaching lies and contradicting the Divine Truth on faith and morals of God’s Catholic Church, which is their job to be upholding. “On the other hand, it would be better for anyone who leads astray one of these little ones who believe in me, to be drowned by a millstone around his neck, in the depths of the sea.” (Matthew 18:6, New American Catholic translation) Any Vatican City or public Roman Catholic support of this film and any other secular entertainment media (leaving out God) is an attack against God and His Church. “He that is not with me, is against me: and he that gathereth not with me, scattereth.” (Matthew 12:30, Douay-Rheims translation).

It is never “appropriately innocent” when passionately kissing without a sacramental marriage commitment, which is always "foreplay" to the sexual act. Even in marriage when it is using the other person for instant gratification, passionately kissing is not “appropriately innocent”, it is lustful. And this type of physical intimacy outside of a sacramental marriage commitment is always selfishly using the other for instant gratification and therefore is never to be considered innocent or appropriate. And again, even if the two people on the screen are married to each other, it is still wrong for us to use God’s gift of physical intimacy and the people doing it as entertainment.

Human beings are never to be selfishly used for anything, for any reason, including for entertainment. Ask the question, What is the goal/end? If my or other's goal is to use the human audience to get attention or only or primarily to get money than that is always wrong. If my or other's goal is to use the media or the performer’s performance solely or primarily for my or other's entertainment than this is always wrong. That's right, entertainment being the primary priority is selfish. If the primary goal is not for God, about God, and to bring me and others closer to God: Truth-Love, including being loving toward others, than my and other's priorities are wrong. Moreover, we are all called by God to not enable or support the sins of others in any way; to do so makes us partly culpable as the Catchism of the Catholic Church states in #1868.

Again, apart from God bringing good out of everything, God never chooses to use any degree of evil (dysfunction / sin) in order to show/teach Truth and Love, which is Himself, such as the Harry Potter film does with mixing themes of showing that any power and goodness come solely or originally from us, euthanasia, using each other as objects; lust, and ignoring God and His existence, while mixing in good behaviors. This is how Satan does it!

Why are we as Christians so adamant about the “planting seeds” mentality when talking about Christ's Truth but do not see that Satan and his blind puppets too can plant seeds? And we allow evil seeds to be planted by supporting and watching movies and reading books such as Harry Potter and other secular entertainment media. Knowing consciously that it is entertainment or not reality does nothing to protect anyone’s Soul: Intellect (mind) and Free Will from subconsciously picking up and believing all the lies/false beliefs and unrealities, and/or continuing to feed/maintain the lies/false beliefs learned and chosen throughout our childhood, which create our present perspectives and attitudes, and fuel our decision making in autopilot. 

The human beings that are the Catholic media rating sources that view secular films (e.g. US Conference of Catholic Bishops) are not protected from the harmful effects of interaction with and slow desensitization to: lust, violence, selfishness, pride, among other sins, and the evil spirits attached to them, or from distraction of a consistant focus on God. When coming into contact with them repeatedly, especially as entertainment, no human can prevent anti-God messages; false beliefs (lies) from becoming part of their memory and immaterial Soul: intellect (mind), and negatively effecting them, which is always the result when watching, listening to, or reading secular entertainment media, even including types of programming on the history channel and nature channel.

Anyone, including the movie reviewers of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops, in addition to their already existing interior and exterior sins, are negatively influenced and desensitized by repeated contact with the anit-God messages; false beliefs (lies) in the secular entertainment media, and therefore will fail to be able to recognize much of the harmful dysfunction and irrational beliefs (lies) and evil desires being portrayed as goodness and truth.

As far as the Roman Catholic Church’s responsibility is concerned, secular entertainment media does not need to be reviewed at all. Secular entertainment media by definition of the words is primarily non-educational and always separates and leaves out the existence of God. Secular entertainment media, even if it is marketed as a "family film", only needs to be rejected if one wishes to fully immitate Jesus Christ and become a saint. If any entertainment media’s primary and central focus is not explicitly the Trinitarian Christian God and in 100% agreement with Catholic moral theology, then the entertainment media does not need to be watched, read, or listened to by anyone.

As Catholic Christians we need to stop justifying and rationalizing why we think it is okay for us or anyone else to watch the secular entertainment media just because: it’s entertaining, we are bored, we want to relax, we want to have something fun to do with people, we want to (wrongly) cope with stress, we want to avoid feeling lonely, we are addicted to it, it’s not as bad as other things we could be watching and doing, or it doesn't make me want to immitate the sins. These are illegitimate reasons that do not negate the spiritual/psycholgical harm that does occur, of which the typical viewer is ignorant and lacking self-awareness.

If we as Catholics are waiting for the Magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church (Pope and Bishops together in an ecumenical counsel) to make a dogmatic claim on whether or not exposing oneself to certain types of media is wrong before we are willing to believe that the entertainment of the secular media is objectively wrong and harmful, then we are simply using that excuse as a scapegoat to justify and rationalize what we want to be true while really not caring about searching for the Objective Truth from Jesus Christ.

For those who think I'm exaggerating and extreme, did you, while having a close friendship with Jesus, ask Jesus’ opinion on this subject and every opinion that you have on everything, listen daily for His answers, and then wait for Jesus to send you additional confirmations outside of yourself? Have you actively worked with Jesus everyday for 20 years to make yourself self-aware of all the lies you believe? If not, then what makes you think your opinions are valid on what is right or wrong? 

If you want to be media entertained, not be harmed, and make it primarily about God, watch things like original “Veggie Tales” bible stories instead.


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