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Thursday, August 18, 2022

When is enough, enough?

When we are greedy...we will never have enough.

When we are gluttonous...we won't stop when it's enough.

When we are vain...we will never look good or be successful enough.

When we are lustful...we will never feel loved enough.

When we feel lonely...we will never receive attention enough.

When we feel angry, afraid/anxious, or stressed...we will never be in control enough.

When we feel depressed...we will never be a victim enough.

When we are lazy and willfully ignorant...we will never be entertained enough.

When we are envious and jealous...we will never want others to have enough.

When we are prideful and arrogant...we will always think we know enough.

When we are insecure and defensive...we think no one will ever like us enough.

When we are a perfectionist and complainer...no one and nothing will ever be good enough.

When we are righteous...we know that only The Divine is ENOUGH.

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