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Existence Of The Divine

Existence Of The Divine

Friday, February 18, 2022

Proven by Scientific Natural Law and Logic

[The term "irrational" is being used solely in the modern English psychological use of the term, to mean the absence of rational; illogical.]

[The term "mind" is solely being used to mean the intellect.]

I. Scientific Natural Logical Proof for the Existence of God.

1. All brute animals (including all Monkeys & Apes) ONLY have a brain / biological instincts,

2. All brute animals do not have: abstract intellectual processes: rational or irrational

These are huge differences between brute animals & us human PERSONS

3. BRAIN differences between human persons & brute animals is insufficient to explain differences in thinking abilities between human persons & brute animals

Therefore, we human persons have something other than the brain / body, that is itself, the abstract intellectual process, both rational & irrational, (because no other animal has this)

The human person’s: abstract rational & irrational intellectual process, is called the: Immaterial Soul: intellect (mind) & free will to choose, (which no other animal has).  Soul is "psyche" in the Greek and Latin, which is where the terms "psychology" and "psychiatry" originate, thereby making this profession the study and healing of the soul, which is the intellect/mind; NOT the brain. 

Scientific Natural Law (Laws within Nature; not Supernatural):

1) “like begets like” Meaning, a species reproduces its own species like itself. 

Therefore it is true that:

     A)  The material cannot create spiritual

     B)  Material evolution could not create our spiritual Immaterial Soul: intellect (mind) and free will to choose.

     C)  Any type of monkey or ape cannot reproduce a human being:                

           i. "Monkey Parents Theory" is anti-science

            I call it the "Monkey Parents Theory" because if we human beings evolved from or are in the same family classification as any species of monkey or great ape brute animal (brute = without immaterial intellect (mind) and free will to choose), that would mean the parents of the first human being were a brute animal...SERIOUSLY?!  Can you imagine Adam and Eve complaining to each other about how their parents just don't understand them because their parents are just a couple of apes?!

2) “creation cannot be equal to or greater than the creator” Meaning, any existing species or object in existence, cannot be equal or greater in intelligence to who originally created the species or object.

Therefore it is true that:

     A)  A superior Spiritual Intellectual Being has to create: both our Immaterial Soul: intellect (mind) and free will & the intelligent design of all material matter. (It is obvious that nature existed before human beings did, human beings are not the original creators of nature, and nature could not have created itself.)

{The spiritual is superior to the material}

     B)  All human beings (of any race/species) have an immaterial soul: intellect (mind) and free will to choose.  Any other mammal is a brute animal, of which all apes and monkeys are.

3) "out of nothing, nothing comes” Meaning, only nothing comes from nothing; something has to come from something.

Therefore it is true that:

     A)  All of natural creation could not have begun with a “big bang” from nothing.

    B)  For us intellectual human beings to exist, objectively observably different than brute animals, we originally as the human race and each of one of us (our Immaterial Soul: intellect and free will to choose) and had to be created by a similar, Superior, Intelligent Intellectual Being.  This being we call GOD.

This is the scientific evidence for the existence of God.

As a result of Scientific Natural Law, since our human person Immaterial Soul: intellect (mind) and free will to choose being non-material; aka spiritual, could not have evolved/come from what is material, and any species of monkey or ape could NOT have given birth to a human person, therefore human persons could not have evolved/come from any lesser intellectually functioning brute animal nor be a member of the same family classification, and everything in existence had to be created (come into existence) from some"thing" because "only nothing comes from nothing", therefore there has to exist a Superior Intellectual Being with an immaterial soul: intellect and free will to choose, Who is greater than the human person, Who created human person's with an intellect and free will to choose, which no other brute animal has.  A Superior Intellectual Being Creator with Person hood...we call GOD.

All human persons are created in the image and likeness of the person hood of God, of which all other mammals are NOT in the image of; including all monkeys and apes.

II. Scientific Logical Proof that God IS Truth+Love+Virtues

Is Truth and Love/Virtues spiritual or physical?...Obviously, Spiritual (meaning non-material).

Is Truth and Love/Virtues alive or dead?...Obviously not dead; therefore Alive.

Is Truth and Love/Virtues abstract or concrete?...Abstract; if concrete, brute animals would be able to understand them and be able to verbally communicate them.

Is Truth and Love/Virtues a concept or an entity (aka being)?....An Entity (aka being). Truth, Love, and Virtues cannot be a concept for 2 Reasons:

1. Truth and Love/Virtues doesn't originate from human beings.

2.  A concept is OF / ABOUT something...The concept of X.  The concept of Truth is not Truth itself.  For example, The concept that I have ABOUT YOU, is NOT YOU YOURSELF. For example, I can know all kinds of concepts about you and if I only have a relationship in my mind with these concepts of you, do I have a relationship with you the person? NO.

Definition of Concept from Yahoo Search 2017: 

An abstract idea; a general notion [about something]

For example: "structuralism is a difficult concept"

synonyms: idea, notion, conception, abstraction;


Secular human definitions of "concept" as of 2022

Concept, Definition & Meaning from Merriam-Webster.com
1.  something conceived in the mind :  thought, notion

2.  an abstract or generic idea generalized from particular instances

Concept, Definition & Meaning from Dictionary.com


1.  a general notion or idea; conception.

2.  an idea of something formed by mentally combining all its characteristics or particulars; a construct.

3.  a directly conceived or intuited object of thought.

Truth is NOT a concept because "concepts" are either True or False. Love/Virtues is not a concept because Love/Virtues can never be separated from Truth, and Love/Virtues has to be chosen and shown by action (interiorly and exteriorly). And Truth and Love/Virtues does NOT originate from human beings.

Where does objective Truth and Love/Virtues originate? 

Obviously NOT human beings, NOT from any material object (energy is a material object), and NOT from nothing (Scientific Natural Law: only nothing comes from nothing). 

If Truth and Love/Virtues originated from human beings, then we would not have to learn them and therefore we would always have had all Truth+Love+Virtues from birth, and we would always be able to receive/obtain all Truth+Love+Virtues from both ourselves and other human beings; all of which have never happened in the history of mankind.

Truth and Love, including Virtues NEVER originate in / from the mind of any human being.

Proven by the facts that:

1. Are we created knowing abstract moral Truths (which can never be separated from Love/Virtues)?  NO. We are created knowing nothing about abstract moral Truths...everything we know we learn from someone, or our experiences with someone...we have to be taught by someone.

2. So where did we learn our abstract moral Truths?  If you say from our parents, where did they learn abstract moral Truths?....

3. Where did the first human beings who had NO human parents learn / receive abstract moral Truths?  From monkeys or apes that know nothing abstract?  From a big bang?  Material Evolution?  How can Truth and Love/Virtues, an abstract spiritual living entity come from something that is only concrete, material and non-intellectual?  IT CAN'T.

For example: Does a dog feel Love FOR his master, or does the dog ONLY feel good because he is taken care of by his master?  There is a huge difference between being pleased that we are taken care of, or pleased that we are getting our way, or pleased that we are being Loved and accepted by another, VERSUS being the one who is feeling Loved or giving Love to the other. 

Furthermore, a brute animal can only function instinctively in what is concrete; never what is abstract; because a brute animal cannot reason, etc.  Therefore, the concepts of Love/Virtues and Truth being abstract, means that Love can NEVER originate from anything material; i.e. neither brute animal, nor the brain.  Which means brute animals, who don't have an immaterial intellectual soul with a free will to choose, cannot choose to Love...and Love is a choice that can be felt, NOT an emotion.

Acts of Sex is NOT Love. Physical Attraction is NOT Love.

If Truth and Love/Virtues come from human beings, then why don't you have all the Truth and Love/Virtues now?  Then why are you sometimes suffering from feeling unloved or from feeling alone, or from feeling rejected?  [FYI: our emotions and feelings are NEVER caused by exterior sources, except in the case of us receiving good feelings (virtues) from God, which are given to us interiorly. For example, no one can make me feel rejected.]

If Truth and Love/Virtues comes from other human beings, then why aren't you able to always get Truth and Love/Virtues from any or all other human beings? 

If you say that's because human beings won't give you Love/Virtues, then you don't understand what Love/Virtues are. For Love/Virtues to even manifest, Love/Virtues has to be voluntarily given as chosen by the person's free will.

If you were able to get Truth and Love/Virtues from other human beings, that would mean you should be able to get Truth and Love/Virtues from yourself.  And if either were true, that would mean that you would never badly emotionally suffer; i.e. you would never have bad psychological emotions and feelings. 

Therefore Love/Virtues and Truth do NOT originate from Human beings. How else is this proven?

Does any human being have all the Truth?...or have enough Truth to always be perfectly at peace at any point and time?  NO.  ["Ignorance is bliss", and "Truth hurts"; i.e. "The Truth causes suffering." are lies that is easily psychologically proven to be a lies, because those who believe these don't want the Truth, and not wanting and not having the Truth is what hurts; causes bad psychological emotions and feelings.] 

If Truth originated from a human being, then the human beings would always have all the Truth, which no one does; obviously...be it against the popular misconception that some think they do.  Our feelings, thoughts, beliefs, expectations, wants/desires, likes, dislikes, and attractions do NOT determine Reality/Truth...Truth/Reality determines whether our feelings, thoughts, beliefs, expectations, wants/desires, likes, dislikes, and attracts are Truth/Right or False/Wrong.

Are the majority of human beings always Loving/Virtuous?  NO.  If Love/Virtue originated from human beings, then the human beings would always be perfectly Loving/Virtuous. 

Let's say for the sake of argument that Mary the Mother of Jesus the Christ was always perfectly Loving (it's a historically established fact that they both existed). If Love/Virtues originated from her, that would mean that all the human beings for all of time would need to get Love/Virtues from her in order to have Love, which is impossible. 

Second, Mary was NOT the first human being to exist, so if Love/Virtues originated from her, that would logically mean that all the billions and billions of human beings who existed before her, would never have received Love/Virtues nor been able to give Love to/be Virtuous toward others. That is historically irrational. 

Therefore, even if a human being is perfectly Loving/Virtuous, Love/Virtues cannot originate from the human being.

So where did Truth and Love/Virtues come from for the 1st human being who existed?  Lets say for the sake of argument that the universe started with a "Big Bang" that came from nothing, (which is contrary to Scientific Natural Law: nothing comes from nothing, and contrary to the theories originator's own beliefs), and that the first human's parents were a brute animal ape with NO intellect and free will of an immaterial soul and thereby having NO abstract intelligence.

Can what is Intelligent, Abstract, Spiritual, Living come from anything that is non-living? NO ...come from anything that is material? NO ...come from anything that is incapable of abstract intelligence? NO ...come from anything spiritually dead or spiritually non-existent? NO. 

Therefore, Truth and Love/Virtues being an intelligent, abstract, spiritual and living ENTITY, CANNOT come from what is a material, and/or incapable of abstract intelligence, and/or non-living thing. 

Love/Virtues and Truth cannot originate from any "big bang" or "monkey parents". 

Another proof of this is the fact, that to be able to give and receive "Love" with another who is being Loving to you is NOT PERFECT LOVE. Perfect Love is to be able to GIVE LOVE while being given unloving evil from another, which NO brute animal is ever capable of doing. [Trained through receiving an immediate reward, instinctively protecting territory, offspring, or food source, forced submission due to being the weaker creature, or fear response is NOT giving Love.]

And since we have proven that Love/Virtues is an abstract, spiritual, living, entity (being) AND is a choice and NOT an emotion, NOR is Love physical affection itself, therefore, Love cannot come from brute animals who are material only creatures who cannot reason, have NO free will or intellect [brain is not the intellect], and therefore they cannot choose, they can only react based on programmed instinct, which is physical only and NOT spiritual. 

So all this being proven Truth (based on scientific natural law and logic), there has to be an intelligent spiritual living entity (being), who is NOT a human being from where originates ALL Truth and Love/Virtues!  God IS Truth+Love+Virtues.

We English speaking Catholics call Him GOD: The Father; Jesus Christ; Holy Spirit.

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