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 How to PROFIT from all unpleasant experiences!

How to PROFIT from all unpleasant experiences!

Sunday, December 18, 2022

If you know how to profit from every unpleasant experience, then you have an advantage.

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When you are displeased in any way for any reason,

1. Ask God for self-awareness (and do so daily)

2. Do the "Humility Prayer". (and do so daily)

Do NOT believe that you are right about anything you are feeling, thinking, wanting, etc.

[Humility Prayer: Jesus I am sorry all of my perspectives, attitudes, priorities, judgements, wants, and desires are wrong. Please heal me, fill me with Your Graces, Virtues, Truth, and Love. Show me Your Truth, and give me Your perspectives, attitudes, priorities, judgements, wants, and desires on everything. Thank You Jesus.]

3. Do the "4 Prayers for Forgiveness" and Offer up to God what is happening
for compensation of your sins, anyone else involved, everyone on your prayer list, all in purgatory, and the entire world for all of time.

[4 Prayers for Forgiveness: Jesus help me forgive ___; I do forgive___.  Jesus help me to accept___; I do accept___. Jesus help to offer to You ___; I do offer to You___ for compensation of my sins, everyone involved, all those on my prayer list, all in purgatory, and the entire world. Thank You Jesus.]

4. Immediately write down everything you are feeling, thinking, believing and wanting.

5. Ask Jesus what He wants you to learn, change interiorly, and do differently exteriorly (and do so daily).

6. Take the "7 Prayers for Interior Healing" and do them with Jesus on each one of the feelings, thoughts, beliefs, and desires you have written in #4.

Become a TOS member at, https://theologyofthesoul.org/membership, then go to the Helpful Handouts page and click on the "Interior Healing" link to open the the handout.

7. Write down all reality checks and epiphanies you receive from God.

And write down any more interior intellectual acts (feelings, thoughts, beliefs, expectations, wants/desires, likes, dislikes, and attractions) that you become self-aware of and do the "7 Prayers to Interior Healing" on each one.

8. Continue repeating #6 and #7 until you stop recognizing new information.

9. Repent of your impatience, pride, and selfishness using the "7 Prayers to Interior Healing".

10. Do a prayer of thanksgiving to thank God for all of the good that you have and specifically for what you call "bad" or all that is unpleasant for you.

E.g. God the Father, Jesus, Holy Spirit, Mary Mother of my Lord Jesus, my Guardian Angle and all the Saints and Angels, thank You for my wonderful day and my wonderful life. Thank you for everything you are doing for me, giving me, taking care of me, blessing me, healing me, protecting me, teaching me, loving me, forgiving me, having mercy on me, and please continue to do so. I am specifically thankful for _______.

Bonus Tip: Ask God to show you how He is working through what is unpleasant for you and how He is bringing good out of it.

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