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My Way or the High Way!

My Way or the High Way!

Tuesday, October 26, 2021

What makes you think you need to be upset, unhappy, anxious, depressed, stressed, angry, etc...about not getting your way?

What makes you think you need your way with everything immediately, without having to take time to work for it through problem solving?

Do you want your way or God's way? (God IS Truth+Love+Virtues)

Do you think you know more than God about what's good and best for you or others in order to become Truly happy? (Truly happy = Peace, Contentment, Fulfillment)

If no, then why do you want things to be accomplished your way, including your time rather than God's way and His time?

What makes you think that just because something is objectively good and others' have it, that you should have it and need it to be happy?

What causes us to feel happy?...Answer: good, right, true: interior intellectual acts...(our chosen: attractions, likes, dislikes, wants/desires, expectations, beliefs, and thoughts)

What causes us to feel unhappy?...Answer: bad, wrong, false: interior intellectual acts...(our chosen: attractions, likes, dislikes, wants/desires, expecations, beliefs, and thoughts)

If not getting what you want is making you unhappy,...then there are 4 things you need to check:

1. Are you daily asking God; Truth+Love+Virtues, how you are wrong in all your intellectual acts and spending time with Him in silence listening for the answers?

2. Is what you want an objective good, loving, truthful thing?...ask God.

3. Are you doing everything you objectively can do/control, in the objectively right ways you need to do it, and being patient in trying to obtain what you want?...ask God.

4. Do you search for the Truth and ask God daily and patiently waiting and listening for Him to show you the right & best ways to get what you want...are you open to the answers coming in the way or from whom God chooses? And have you consistently obeyed these solutions?

If the answer is "yes" to the last 3 above questions, and you are still not getting your way, then you don't need what you think you need either at this time, or at all, in order to be happy...and therefore you are wrong about what you think you need to be happy, which you need to repent of and seek Lasting Healing for from God.


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