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Stop the Sinful Suffering!

Monday, September 26, 2022

7 Basic Ways We Make Ourselves Emotionally Suffer

[Image by Brigitte Werner from Pixabay]

1. We want something material or want another person to do something that we don't have in the present, didn't have in the past, or may never have in the future.

2. We believe we need the something we don't have, didn't have, or may never have, in order to feel happy or feel loved.

3. We believe we are right about #1 and #2.

4. We believe the lie that we cannot choose to stop choosing #1, #2, and #3, and we don't correctly know how.

5. We believe how we feel is Truth / Realistic, and makes what we think, believe, and want, Truth / Realistic.

6. We fail to believe that #1, #2, and #3 are making us feel bad.

7. We believe the lie that we have to get our way in order to stop feeling bad.

[And we also project our erroneous thinking and blame our feelings onto others.]

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