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The 3 Big T's

The 3 Big T's

Saturday, December 24, 2022

Until you live these 3 Basic Truths, you will never live in Peace.

[Image by NoName_13 from Pixabay]

1) You make yourself have all your own psychological emotions and feelings by what you freely choose to: think, believe, expect, want/desire, like, dislike, and be attracted to, all of which you need to ask The Divine daily to make you self-aware of.

2) You need to repent to The Divine every single time you have any emotion or feeling that is the absence of Truth/Love/Virtues, which makes them a sin.

3) Regardless of what anyone else is doing or not doing to you, the following non-exhaustive list of emotions and feelings are uncharitable; i.e. the absence of Truth/Love/Virtues:

bored, hurt feelings, upset, offended, defensive, distraught, discouraged, disgusted, disappointed, embarrassed, humiliated, lonely, unloved, unaccepted, rejected, betrayed, apathetic, timid, stressed, overwhelmed, worried, scared, afraid, nervous, desperate, anxious, panicked, phobic, horrified, terrified, bugged, annoyed, irritated, frustrated, put-out, peeved, fed-up, pissed-off, mad, angry, vexed, hostile, furious, enraged, rage, impatient, controlling, intolerant, manic, lustful, depressed, despairing, hopeless, feeling helpless, self-pity, feeling suicidal, insecure, envious, jealous, arrogant, self-righteous, hateful, animosity, bitterness, resentment, unforgiving, vengeful, spiteful, insecure, etc.  

If you don't think so, take any one of the psychological emotions and feelings above and insert it into the following questions:  

"Is feeling ___ being loving?"

"Is feeling ___ peace?"

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