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Tuesday, October 19, 2021

The solution to all problems and emotional suffering...is much simpler than you think.

If you want to solve all the problems in your life and want to stop suffering from all your bad emotions and feelings such as, but not limited to, anxiety/stress/fear/worry/nervousness/PTSD, depression/despair/hopelessness/helplessness/self-pity/desperateness/suicidal,    upset/hurt/offended/rejected/lonely/unloved,   insecure/embarrassed/shy,     angry/frustrated/irritated/annoyed/disappointed, etc...

Pray the following prayer every single time you have anyone one of these feelings or have a problem with anyone else even without having any feelings:

"Lord Jesus I'm sorry I'm a prideful, selfish using, blamer...please heal me, fill me with Your graces and virtues, help me feel Your Love for me, and show me Your Truth about how I am being a prideful, selfish using, blamer, Thank You Jesus."


We want OUR WAY, no matter what is absolutely: right, good, true, loving, better, or best...for ourselves or others; we are selfish.

We want to think we are right about everything we: are attracted to, like, dislike, want/desire, expect, believe, think, feel, say, externally do, and externally fail to do; we are prideful.

We want to feel sorry for ourselves as if we are a helpless victim; we want self-pity.

We think we are victims when we feel bad emotions; we are blamers.

We refuse to 100% believe we are causing our own emotions and feelings 100% of the time; we are blamers.

We blame everyone and everything for all our feelings and problems, but our own: wrong perspectives, wrong priorities, wrong judgments, and wrong wants/desires.

We think we know what is loving, and how to be loving, and how others should be loving in all situations; we are hypocrites.

We are refusing to want the Truth about how we are wrong in hundreds of thousands of ways.

We are refusing to repent (be sorry for and want to change) 100% of what is wrong with what we: are attracted to, like, dislike, want/desire, expect, believe, think, feel, say, externally do, and externally fail to do.

We are refusing to all day every day seek: Truth+Love+Virtues from God; the only source of Truth+Love+Virtues, because we are trying to squeeze Truth+Love+Virtues out of ourselves and others where there is none.

All because we are PRIDEFUL, SELFISH USING, BLAMING, HYPOCRITE, who think we are not and rationalize with good intensions/reasons for everything.


The Battle for True Happiness (peace, contentment, fulfillment, joy), is the battle against the ABSENCE of Truth+Love in hundreds of thousands of ways in our own intellect of our own soul!

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