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Monday, March 19, 2018


Bottom line: We are afraid of suffering!  And because we are afraid of suffering, we do everything in our power to avoid and stop feeling it…but that just stuffs the emotional suffering, makes it grow worse, and it will come up again sooner or later…nothing is healed and we are worse off and more miserable than before.  This is what happens when we do any and all “bad coping”; vices.

And we don’t want to do the necessary processes of healing because we believe the lie that “it’s not worth it”, that we will not suffer less, but rather we will suffer more.  One reason we believe this lie, is because to cooperate with being healed, we have to recognize, accept, and briefly allow the unpleasant feelings (a.k.a. suffering) that we are afraid of feeling. 

The big question is why don’t we want to feel any suffering for even a second?  Because we believe the lie that it is not going to benefit us; that it’s not worth it…so let me show you how it is SO worth it!

The majority of us have layers and layers and piles and piles of emotional suffering from throughout our childhood, called childhood wounds.  And these are in part our sinful reactive choices to, the other part, what was done to us that we did not control; not our fault.   And every time we went through yet another unpleasant experience or we were treated disrespectfully yet again and we chose to believe the lies being told to us both directly and indirectly, we again felt all kinds of bad emotional suffering as a result.

And for every one of those times that we failed to seek Healing and Truth and Love from God, and failed to forgive the "unhelpful" or "persecutor", that was just another layer added to the pile of emotional suffering memories that are stacked in our immaterial Soul: Intellect (mind) and Free Will.

Now that we are an adult and beginning as teenagers, every time someone treats us disrespectfully / unlovingly, or we just don’t get our way, then we react with feeling any one of the long list of words that describe unpleasant emotional suffering, which is also reliving our childhood wounds. 

Our first response and one of our false beliefs, is to think that our emotional suffering is accurate, decides what is reality and is itself based in reality.

And our second response is our bad desire to do anything that we alone can control, including physical pleasure and blaming everything but ourselves as the cause, or do what we “think” we can control that we cannot, in a futile attempt to try and stop our emotional suffering and make ourselves feel better.  These never work for anyone!

Our biggest problem is that we are rejecting the healing process that has already begun.  What?!

Yes, every time we feel emotional suffering and recognize what it is called, those are the first 2 steps toward Permanent Healing. That is a good thing!  But we have to finish the Process correctly!

In order for all the decades of layers and piles of stacked emotional suffering memories, with the hundreds and hundreds of lies causing them that we have ignorantly chosen to believe, to be Permanently Healed and leave us in Peace, we have to feel them and recognize them briefly while we finish the Healing Process.  Why?

Because being self-aware of our emotional suffering while it is happening in the moment is when we have to ask Jesus Christ to heal us of it.  Why?

In order for Jesus Christ to Heal us, we have to consciously and actively cooperate with Him, because He cannot go against our free will to choose.  And when we are not suffering; i.e. we feel great, then we either think we don’t need God and/or we cannot ask for Healing of our emotional suffering that we either don’t even know we have or we don’t believe that we have, because we think we are always right.

This means that we have to be self-aware of the process, which means we have to be self-aware of how we are feeling and what we are believing, wanting, and not wanting that are causing our feelings, so that we can consciously actively say with our free will to choose, “Yes, I am sorry for choosing to make myself feel X and I want it healed, please!”  We have to politely ask because we do NOT control God…even though most people think they can control and manipulate God while acting like they are a god.

Yes, I said Jesus Christ/God has to Permanently Healing us because we cannot Permanently Healing our own emotional suffering, including unpleasant memories, we have to cooperate with God to Heal them.  Period!  Anyone who says this is not true and/or you can invent who you want God to be, is lying, is still suffering, and is using some kind(s) of vice / bad coping in order to distract and stuff their emotional suffering.  There is no other option; it's God’s Loving Way or the suffering highway. 

Why does the Process have to continue by first getting our bad feelings healed before we can believe the Truth?  Because we cannot recognize and accept Truth-Love-Good, when we are feeling bad emotions.  And feeling bad emotions means that we are still believing lies.  When we are feeling bad, then all we do is see what we think is bad, assume that everything is bad, exaggerate it all and negate the good.  Our bad emotions prevent us from believing and living the reality of what is Truth-Love-Good.

And we have to choose to want, recognize, and accept what is Truth-Love-Good, while asking God to show us and give us Himself (Truth-Love-Good), or we don’t get to Permanently have what is Truth-Love-Good (i.e. God).  And Truth-Love-Good is what replaces our bad emotional suffering and all that we foolishly believe and want that is causing it. 

Bottom Line:

Temporarily recognizing, allowing, and accepting emotional suffering is AN OBJECTIVE GOOD, because it IS the beginning of the Permanent Healing Process with God so that we can become Free and at Peace!  It IS WORTH IT!

We have to feel our emotional suffering which is just a bad rerun of the memories of our childhood wounds, so that we can say “Yes, I am sorry for causing it in myself.” (a.k.a. taking responsibility / repentance), “Yes, I want this Healed (bad feelings, false beliefs, wrong desires)”, and ask for Jesus Christ to give us His graces, virtues, Truth, and feel His Love to replace all the bad, so that we can be Free and at Peace. (see our Free Handouts by becoming a Member of TOS: theologyofthesoul.org/membership)

The Healing Process is a Good.  We have to look for, see, and focus on all of the Good that is happening and is going to come.  But we cannot do that by ourselves, nor when we are feeling bad emotions, we first have to continue and correctly finish the Process of getting our emotional suffering Healed by Jesus Christ, including asking Him to show us the Truth.

SHOW ME THE GOOD that is happening! 

When we ask for “why” something is happening, this means, What are the good reasons it is happening?, and What is the good that is going to come out of it?  When we learn and believe this we feel at Peace.

Everything unpleasant/suffering that happens is for a good reason and good is brought out of everything unpleasant/suffering because God Who is Perfect Goodness and Love is bringing Good out of it.  Jesus Christ knows and will show you the Good, you just have to ask, wait, and listen.


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