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The Here and Now Pleasurable

The Here and Now Pleasurable

Thursday, July 7, 2022

Believing your present level of happiness is as good as it gets is only because you lack experience with what's better.

[Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay]

Many people are heard saying that only sin is "here-and-now pleasurable" while being virtuous and following God is not. THIS IS FALSE! Guess what I learned after my first big conversion from the "here-and-now pleasure" of sin to virtue...

That DAILY direct close friendship with Jesus Christ through Himself The Eucharist and through the frequent Sacrament of Reconciliation with Jesus Christ (through any validly ordained priest), are how I can receive GREATER "here-and-now pleasure" than even through physical sins! Feeling the Love and Presence of Christ every day and receiving Peace, Contentment, Fulfillment, and Joy from Him in place of my bad psychological emotions and feelings is GREATER "here-and-now pleasure" than any sin!

Jesus Christ is Truth+Love+Virtues because Christ is God and God is Truth+Love+Virtues. The experience of receiving God's Truth and Love and feeling God's Peace, Contentment, Joy, and Fulfillment, (to replace all of my false and wrong: thoughts, beliefs, expectations, wants/desires, likes, dislikes, attractions, and their resulting bad emotions and feelings), objectively consistently feels better than any physical pleasure we can experience which is over in a few seconds and leaves us still suffering from our bad emotions and feelings.

Christians who don't feel "here-and-now pleasure" from God are NOT pursuing or obeying the Truth+Love+Virtues of Christ Himself and are NOT actually working to try to recognize and try to stop all of their sins (absence Truth+Love+Virtues) both interior intellectual as well as exterior physical.

They are either only pursuing who they invent Christ to be for themselves in the ways that THEY want, which means they are rejecting His Truth+Love+Virtues, they are rejecting God completely while they sit in Church pretending to interact with Him, and/or they are only pursuing Christ's Truth+Love+Virtues for the short time they are in His House, while they fail to want to know how they are rejecting Christ's Truth+Love+Virtues in a plethora of ways all day every day both interiorly and exteriorly.

And guess why people rationalize the false correlation that being virtuous and following God is NOT "here and now pleasurable"?...

Because not only do they have NO close friendship with Christ The Eucharist (no matter to what degree)...they still have the desire that they DON'T WANT ALL God's Love, Moral Truth, and to be Virtuous...they still WANT many [particular] sins (absence of Truth+Love+Virtues) both interior and exterior...AND

They are still blaming all their bad psychological emotions and feelings on others rather than recognizing them as their own freely chosen sins, being sorry for them, and asking and cooperating with Jesus Christ to give them the Truth, Love, and Virtues to replace them...

They are NOT working on cooperating with receiving Truth+Love+Virtues from God to replace all their false and wrong: perspectives and attitudes, priorities and judgements, and wants and desires,

 They are NOT asking God to remove the pain and suffering in their "unpleasant" memories (including childhood wounds, traumatic experiences, and what happened 5 minutes ago) and replace them with His Truth+Love+Virtues...

They are NOT thanking God for everything, including how He brings our and other's greater good out of all we call, bad...

They are NOT forgiving, accepting reality, or offering all unpleasant experiences to God for compensation for their own sins and others...

They are NOT working on asking God to cut all generational sins and curses from between their family members and themselves...

They are NOT doing what is necessary to protect themselves from demonic influences, especially those from not staying completely sober and from the secular entertainment media.

They still PREFER the bad coping of material substances and entertainment, which only distracts, stuffs, and creates more suffering,...especially through psychotropic medications, smoking, alcohol, drugs, masturbation, sex, food, and watching, reading, and listening to secular entertainment media that teaches lies and rejects Truth+Love+Virtues...AND

BOTTOM LINE...They are NOT trying to be Virtuous or pursue Truth+Love+Virtues; i.e. Jesus Christ like they "think" they are. They are NOT wanting to receive all Truth+Love+Virtues from Christ and practice imitating Christ in ALL Truth+Love+Virtues both interiorly intellectually and exteriorly physically.

Of course there will NOT always be "here-and-now pleasure" every second of the day, with or without trying to know, do, and be what is Truth+Love+Virtues, because we will still have things we need to be healed of: thoughts that are irrational, beliefs that are false, expectations that are unrealistic, wants/desires that are bad, likes and dislikes that are wrong, and attractions that are distorted, which all cause all of our bad psychological emotions and feelings...but if we are REALLY TRULY trying to learn all Truth and receive all Love and Virtues from Jesus Christ in trying to imitate Him, then by that point we won't believe the LIE that "we need big physical instant gratification pleasure in order to feel good",...because we will already have been receiving Lasting Healing of our bad psychological emotions and feelings, by God giving us His Truth+Love+Virtues to replace them as we are repentantly sorry for each of them...and the resulting feelings of: God's Love, Peace, Contentment and Fulfillment will be MORE THAN ENOUGH to satisfy.

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