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Saturday, March 16, 2024

Venting is not what you think it is.

When we "vent" as Modern Psychology and Psychiatry calls it, we are committing at least the following 23 sins...(sins being the absence of what is Truth/Love/Virtues; i.e. God)

1. Complaining

2. Distrust in God

3. Unacceptance of reality

4. Unacceptance of good God's Will that we can't control

5. Pity party / self-pity

6. Believing and acting like an innocent victim

7. Scapegoating to not work on becoming self aware of our own sins

8. Blaming feelings

9. Idolatry of humans over God, including ourselves

10. Misjudging or judgmentalness

11. Assuming many things

12. Rationalizing that venting is good and necessary

13. Unrealistic expectations

14. Perfectionism

15. Intolerance of imperfections

16. Impatience

17. Unacceptance of not getting our way, whether good or bad

18. Selfishness in many ways

19. Any one or more of the following sinful emotions...fear, worry, stress, anxiety, degree of anger, offended/hurt, upset, etc.

20. Hypocrisy

21. Pride of thinking we're right about it all

22. Failure to offer up as a sacrifice for self and the others

23. Failing to go straight to God in proper discernment of searching for Truth and repentance

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