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What is Depression Really?

What is Depression Really?

Tuesday, October 26, 2021

The quick and easy...explanation of Depression/Despair

I. Hopelessness, Self-pity, Innocent Victim Mentality, False Sense of Helplessness...(each are absence of Virtue that we need to repent of)

II. experiencing your lack/absence of Truth+Love+Virtues (aka distance from God; Who IS Truth+Love+Virtues)...

III. sin of failing to want temporary suffering (accept reality & believe suffering is good and necessary) because believing one or more of the LIES that: 

A) we have never been part of the cause of the problem in some indirect or direct way (if nothing else; the fact that we are not born sinless, we are an imperfect member of society, and we will sin in the future if we haven't already)

B) what we want the way we want it is a need, and we should get it

C) we are an innocent helpless victim who is not causing our own emotional suffering, 

D) we don't deserve to suffer in justice for all our bad choices (past, present, and/or future)

E) we don't need to suffer to compensate in justice for all our bad choices (past, present, and/or future)

F) there is no Truth (how to be Loving and live in Peace, Contentment, and Fulfillment) lesson we need to be learning

G) God will not bring good out of everything we think is a "problem"(Distrust that God is perfect Truth+Love+Virtues)

H) there is nothing we need to do differently in order to be part of the solution

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