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Monday, March 28, 2022

I can almost guarantee...you're getting it wrong.

To make a “judgment” about everything is necessary or we cannot correctly think nor make correct decisions. Without making any “judgments” no one would be able to do science or disagree with anything anyone says or does (which is exactly what those who teach the lie, "It´s wrong to judge" want).

The phrase, “Judge not lest ye be judged” means, “don’t be judgmental”, when NOT taken out of context and twisted.  NO FEAR!...I won’t be judgmental of you!...for I believe “ye without sin cast the first stone”!

What I do is to actively search for the Truth, outside of my own opinions, on how to correctly make judgments on (i.e. Discern) what is Objectively Truth+Love = Helpful verses what is Objectively false-unloving = harmful regarding human behavior for myself and others, which I would hope that you and all human beings are correctly doing as well.

Question, do you believe that: other people, situations, external experiences, what the weather is like, what others are doing or not doing, getting your way or not getting your way, etc...makes you feel good or bad in some way; i.e. makes you have your psychological emotions and feelings?

If your answer is yes, then this would be the reason that you and others also “think” that living, saying, externally doing and not doing whatever you want / you “think” is right/good, “makes you feel happy”.

Externals NEVER cause internal emotions or non-physical feelings. If you would like for me to prove this and teach you how this is Truth using any emotion in combination with any situation that exists, just ask, I will be more than pleased to do so...for this is psychological human nature 101.

All human beings, believe this LIE of blaming their psychological emotions and feelings on externals, when they are ignorant of and lacking in self-awareness of the Real Psychological Processes that are occurring inside all of us on a second by second basis. Even the majority of psychiatrists and psychologists have no idea what the Truth is about what causes emotions, because they don’t want to take responsibility for their own emotions and feelings either; they would rather blame everyone and everything else for how they feel.

Next Question: so does an “external sourced physical / chemical thing or physical experience”, “make you feel happy” when you are not getting “it” or not imagining it happening? Of course not, which means when you are doing it or imagining it, you are both feeling temporary “physical / chemical / concrete instant gratification” and because of the physical feeling, you are also feeling psychologically "happy" only as long as you are "getting what you BELIEVE makes you happy (false correlation) by getting what you WANT when you WANT it", even if what you want is bad/harmful. The former "physical / chemical / concrete instant gratification" is NOT an abstract human emotion, but THAT is what you THINK is the emotion of "happiness"; i.e. what you choose to intellectually abstractly “associate” with the word “happiness”, because you have never experienced anything better.

“External sourced physical / chemical / concrete instant gratification” is “biological instinctual pleasure feeling”, which is the LOWEST form of “feel good” that we human beings could possibly experience, and is the highest form and ONLY form of “feel good” in brute animals. Because “physical / chemical / concrete instant gratification” is the LOWEST form of “feel good” in humans, it NEVER satisfies us AND quickly “stops working” to “make us feel good” at all, because our abstract emotional suffering that we are choosing to cause ourselves and doing nothing to permanently remove, remains, and worse, it keeps increasing. Which is why we keep wanting more and more “external sourced physical / chemical /concrete instant gratification” and in even more extreme ways (Can you say “addiction”?). This proves it’s NOT “happiness”.

I am Truly sorry IF, “external sourced physical / chemical / concrete instant gratification” and NOT “happiness” is the only thing you have ever experienced. I used to be like you; and we really don’t know what we are missing. We don’t know what real happiness is until we experience it. And we won’t experience real happiness until we are willing to believe that we are wrong and do things differently in order to “get real happiness”. This is why I will be praying and sacrificing for you to want to know how you are wrong and correctly seek the Truth.

In addition, any EXTERNAL “physical / chemical / sensual (through the senses) distraction” that you or any human could possibly choose to do, is what we human beings TRY to “use” to “block”, “stuff”, and “distract” ourselves from all of our layers and degrees of interior intellectual emotional unhappiness, that we are causing ourselves and have been causing ourselves our entire lives, in all the vast list of degrees and types of bad emotions that we have and are trying NOT to be self-aware of,...because we have no idea what we need to do to permanently stop / heal them, and which we will NEVER be able to do by physical or chemical means nor ONLY by our own will. I know how to permanently stop / heal them, which I am willing to teach anyone who wants to be permanently free from any and all bad / harmful psychological emotions and feelings, and replace them with permanent good / helpful emotions and feelings. [The catch is, that you have to be willing to want to know where and how you are wrong.]

But the majority of us human beings are so arrogant and stubborn that we would rather eat nails and die thinking we are right about everything, blame everyone and everything but ourselves for our psychological emotions and feelings, and keep doing the same things over and over expecting different results while we are continuously slowly blindly becoming more and more emotionally unhappy until the day that we wake up and want to kill ourselves or others because our emotionally suffering is now so bad that no “instant gratification” works to “block”, “stuff”, nor “distract” us. BUT we still want to think that we are always right and know it all, so that we now think that “killing ourselves”, “self-mutilating”, or "killing others" is the ONLY solution, because now even the “external sourced physical or chemical instant gratification", including "psychotropic medications” are NO longer a “sufficient distraction”.

So at that desperate point, we ONLY have 3 choices...

1) stop thinking we are right about everything, be willing to want to learn Truth from Someone other than ourselves, Who is objectively a credible source on the subject, and be willing to try something NEW / DIFFERENT to stop our psychological emotionally suffering...OR...

2) Other ignorant well meaning fearful human beings, who like to call themselves “professionals” will come and force us to take horrible secondary side affecting psychotropic medications that make us a zombie and force us to live in a lock down psych ward unit in a hospital...or...prison...for the rest of our lives...OR...

3) kill ourselves (with or without trying to take other people with us; for misery loves company). [A.K.A. all the suicides, homicides, and mass murder suicides proclaimed throughout the media on a consistent basis.]


I hope and pray you choose #1.

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