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Why do I Exist?

Why do I Exist?

Monday, August 1, 2022

To be Loved by Love Himself...Nothing More!

[Image by 愚木混株 Cdd20 from Pixabay]

God did NOT CREATE us principally so we would know, love, and serve Him...For God doesn't need anything from us...God created us so He could Love us...

Nothing More!

We need to know, love and serve (i.e. be+live) Truth/Love/Virtues (God) in order to be Truly Happy!

The statement, "The only way for us to receive Love is to know, Love, and serve God" IS FALSE!!!...Love is NOT earned...And...We cannot know, Love, and serve God until we first experience His Love for us...

Us receiving His Love comes first!

God Loves us even if we don't want His Love, however, God can only give us the ability (grace) to experience and know His Love, if we want His Love...

We only ask for what we want! 

How do I know all of this is true?...God allowed me to experience and feel His Presence and Love, (3 times between 1999-2001) before I ever new, loved, and served God, before I knew and understood  that God is Love+Virtues+Truth, and before I wanted to get to know Him, serve Him / Love Him and Love others.

God always takes the first step: giving us free grace (called "actual grace" vs. "habitual/sanctifying grace" that is merited) to be able to say "yes" to wanting Him, while silently being with us waiting for us to want to interact with Him...I had to reciprocate in at least wanting to tell God something and wanting to know something from God.

The first time I spoke directly to God in reality, I asked Him a question, the question was a two part question about if He existed and Who He is, regarding the Eucharist.

While looking at a Consecrated Host in a Monstrance for the very first time at the age of 29, I said, "Jesus, I cannot believe this is You. If this is really You then You are going to have to show me.".  Expecting nothing, within what seemed like less than a minute, He did.

If I had never spoken directly to God, if I had never wanted any Truth from God, then I would have never received what I did not want, because God will not go against our free will to choose to reject Him; Truth/Love/Virtues.

Only until you feel and know God's Love and Joy (aka feel His existence / presence and choose to believe in His existence), can most of us even want to know and understand any and all of Who God is, Love God in return, and Want to share God's Love by giving Love to others (aka to Serve God).

This is why no one can want to stop bad coping (i.e. addictions/vices/idolatry/using a material means to try to create a psychological emotional end), and no one can want to work on learning how to be loving to others, until we know and experience the presence of God and that we are unconditionally loved by God no matter what!

No one wants to know how they are wrong and what they are doing wrong when they believe the lie that doing so will make them suffer more.

Most human beings don't want to know when, how, and why they are wrong and what they are being, living, and doing that is wrong, (aka how to recognize sin) because they believe the lie that to know this will make them suffer and suffer more...because they believe the lie that believing lies and wanting and doing what is wrong doesn't make them suffer...because they are blaming all of their bad psychological emotions and feelings on everything and everyone else but their own fault of their own free will to choose...

This is because the entire world believes the modern psychology and psychiatric lies that psychological emotional suffering and irrational behaviors are caused by the brain, rather than their real cause...our own intellectual free will to choose of our Soul.

And the entire world also believes the lie that everyone and everything outside of themselves makes them have bad emotions and psychological feelings.

The Truth is that we all make ourselves psychologically suffer and emotionally feel bad by freely choosing to: think, believe, expect, want/desire, like, dislike, and be attracted to what is false / wrong, and thereby freely choosing to be, live, and do what is wrong!

This is the definition of sin...the absence of Love/Virtues/Truth.

No human being on the planet, including you and I want to serve, be, and live Truth, Love, and Virtues just because it makes us unselfish, even though it does.

We average human beings primarily want to serve, be, and live Truth, Love, and Virtues because it makes us feel Truly Happy: at Peace, Content, Fulfilled, and at times Joyful...which is what being unselfish makes us feel (when we freely want to be unselfish).

If we don't freely want to be Loving/Virtuous, and know the Truth, then whatever we do is NOT Loving/Virtuous...This is one reason Jesus says, let your yes mean yes and your no mean no.

And us NOT wanting the Truth and NOT wanting to be Loving/Virtuous are the only reasons why, if when we hear the Truth and are Loving we don't feel: at Peace, Content, Fulfilled, and at times Joyful.  You see, it's NEVER the Truth and being Loving/Virtuous that prevents us from feeling: at Peace, Content, Fulfilled, and at times Joyful, nor makes us feel hurt. 

Only when we don't want the Truth and we don't want to be Loving/Virtuous is what prevents us from feeling: at Peace, Content, Fulfilled, and at times Joyful, and makes us feel hurt.

This is why we need to become completely self-aware with the help of God as to whether or not we really do want the Truth and to be Loving/Virtuous in each detail...for we can rationalization/lie to ourselves all day long that we want what we prove through our behaviors that we do not.

"But does that mean we are not truly happy by just receiving God's Love? But rather only if we know, love, and serve him? I mean, So then did God create us so he could love us, but we’re then not Truly Happy until we know love and serve Him?"

Nice question...The answer is yes, because it's a both-and.

It's a both-and because if a person is NOT knowing, loving, and serving God, then they don't have Truth and Love/Virtues from God, which has to be received first.

We receive Truth/Love/Virtues in degrees/detailed basis...it's not all or nothing...We will never have all Truth/Love/Virtues and be perfectly Loving/Virtuous like God before we die, unless we are like some of the Canonized Saints by the time we die.

We can only receive Truth and Love/Virtues from God to the degree we are truly fully wanting Truth and Love/Virtues...which is very minuscule for the majority of us.

If we have any Truth and Love/Virtues from God we are automatically knowing, loving, and serving God ONLY in that way and to that degree that we have Truth and Love/Virtues from God.

God is Truth and Love both of which are what Virtues are, which is why God is all Virtues...and why Truth/Love/Virtues cannot be separated, for God cannot be separated from Himself.

Knowing God means to know Truth and how to be Loving/Virtuous.

Loving God means Loving Truth and how to be Loving/Virtuous.

Serving God means being, living, and giving Truth and Love/Virtues to everyone..."Everyone", includes God also.

Each and every moment we are NOT Loving/Virtuous and don't have Truth, we don't know Truth/Love/Virtues; i.e. God, we don't Love Truth/Love/Virtues; i.e. God, and we aren't Serving Truth/Love/Virtues; i.e. God.

We need to receive Love/Virtues and Truth from God, of which automatically make us Truly Happy.

To know God is to know Truth and know How to Love/be Virtuous, which is what happens when we receive Truth and Love/Virtues from God, and we don't have Truth or Love/Virtues if we aren't giving Truth and Love/Virtues to others, which is what "to serve" God means,...because for Truth and Love/Virtues to even exist they have to be freely given...which is exactly why God created us...to freely give us Love/Virtues and Truth; i.e. to give us Himself...to share Himself with us!

Therefore the only reason anyone doesn't have the Truth and Love/Virtues from God is because they DON'T WANT HIM! 

And we reject Him and block Him even when we aren't self-aware that we are doing so, because we don't want to know the Truth about ourselves, Him, and others.

If everyone knew and wanted to believe the Truths that:

1) God is Truth/Love/Virtues

2) Truth/Love/Virtues are the only things that make us Truly Happy

3) Not having Truth/Love/Virtues makes us psychologically emotionally suffer

THEN EVERYONE WOULD WANT GOD AND HIS TRUTH, LOVE, AND VIRTUES!...including wanting to know and repent of every single way they are lacking in Truth, Love, and Virtues; aka every detail way they are sinning.

And then NO ONE would suffer from any psychological disorder, addiction, distorted attraction or gender confusion!

But unfortunately, most everyone, including the majority who claim to be Christians, including the leadership, DON'T believe these 3 Truths and therefore block and reject God and His Truth, Love, and Virtues in hundreds of thousands of detailed ways.

To repeat, Truth and Love/Virtues can never be separated, because God cannot be separated from Himself.

To repeat, Truth and Love/Virtues have to be freely given (serve others) or Truth and Love/Virtues does not exist.

Bottom Line: To the degree a person is not knowing, loving, and serving God, is the degree they DON'T have Truth and Love/Virtues from God (all Truth and Love/Virtues only originate from God)...people who refuse to go directly to God in a real relationship with Him, along with learning from God through other humans, have very little Love and Truth/Virtues compared to those who do to both.

We are Truly Happy on a moment to moment case by case basis...because we are always lacking in Truth and Love/Virtues and thereby are always failing to know, love, and serve God in some detail ways and in some capacity.

We need to feel God; The Divine's Love...Jesus Christ is Love...Jesus Christ is the Sacraments...If we as frequently as possible want to experience Jesus' Love/Virtues/Truth in order to feel: Loved, Feel good about ourselves, not feel alone, stop feeling bad emotions and psychological suffering, stop causing our psychological disorders and addictions, feel Peace, Contentment, Joy and Fulfillment, then we need to go to the Sacraments as frequently as we objectively can!

We cannot fully want to obey and serve whom we do not Love...We cannot Love whom we do not know...God is Love and Loves you first; ask Him to show you!

When I first began to ask God what He wanted me to pray daily and learn...He said,

1) Ask for Me to help you feel & know My Love & Presence,

2) Repent of your pride and how all your perspectives and attitudes are wrong, and ask for My Humility,

3) Ask for me to show you all of your sins and how to recognize all sin,

4) Learn how to say "No" & set Boundaries with what is bad/wrong,

5) Learn the Truth about the causes of your psychological emotions, feelings, and problems in order to cooperate with me permanently healing them,

God is the ONLY way we can feel good about ourselves...because God is the only One Who Loves us no matter what!

Go to God daily, for as long a period of time as you can, and ask for His Truth/Love/Virtues, in order to stop feeling bad!

We cannot stop emotionally feeling bad, stop our psychological problems and disorders, and stop our addictions/vices, until we want Truth/Love/Virtues from God and seek Truth/Love/Virtues daily.

No one can feel good about themselves...until they feel God's Love for them just as they are...And no one can feel God's Love for them...until they truly want to!

The only reason we don't want God...is because we believe lies about Who He is and Who He is not...for if we really knew and believed God is absolute Love/Virtues/Truth, and that the Truth/Love/Virtues of God makes us Truly Happy, is the only way to always feel Loved, never feel alone, always feel good about ourselves, and stop our psychological disorders, addictions, etc., then we would want to interact with Him frequently daily.

The only reason we don't want God and His Truth...is because we believe the lies that God is unloving and the Truth/Love/Virtues won't make us happy...when the Truth is, that us not wanting and not having Truth/Love/Virtues is what makes us emotionally suffer!

The primary reason we need to know how we intellectually cause all of our bad emotions and feelings and other psychological problems and addictions, and be sorry (remorseful) to God for the fact that we have been intellectually freely choosing the absence of Him; i.e. the absence of Truth/Love/Virtues, which is what causes us to have bad emotions and feelings, psychological disorders, addictions, etc.,...is because this is the only way we can objectively show that we want to receive God's Truth/Love/Virtues, to replace our absence / lack of them, and want to stop choosing to have our bad psychological emotions and feelings, disorders, add ...

Lies that we: think, believe, expect, want/desire, like and are attracted to....cause our bad emotions and suffering feelings...

Nothing Else!

We cannot want to know what we are intellectually and physically doing wrong...until we want to know and want to believe how it will make us happy to know it!

We don't want to know the Truth about what we are intellectually and physically doing wrong...because we believe the lies that all that we are doing is the only way to get our needs met to feel good.

Constantly seek and obey Love+Virtues and Truth from God for EVERYTHING...And He will take care of all the rest!

We don't Trust God...because we don't believe He is all Love, all Virtues, all Truth, all Good, all Knowing, and all Powerful...and we believe we are right about everything we believe!

Two most important daily prayers...

1) God, I'm sorry I think I'm right about everything; show me the Truth about everything!

2) God help me know and experience Your Love.

If you do at least these two prayers all day, everyday, about every single little and big thing, you'll be really happy about this and thank me either before or at least by the time you move on to eternal life!

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