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Professionals experience the benefits of True Psychology & 10 Steps to Lasting Healing & Sanctity           

Deanna Graham

Deanna is a physical therapist, devoted wife &
home schooling mother of five.

    I first met Katherine when the eldest of my five kids was just a toddler, and I was attending a parenting class at my local church that she was leading. Life was hectic and stressful, and I was battling depression, a common theme in my life from my early 20s up until this time, in my late 30s, when I attended this particular seminar.  What I learned that year changed my life. I had been ardently searching for anything to help me with my emotional and psychological struggles, and had tried everything including psychotropic medications, cognitive therapy, exercise, meditation, and pastoral counseling. None had succeeded. Then, abruptly, my world changed. After only several days of hearing Katherine teach the truth about the underlying cause of negative emotions as related to parenting and relationships in the family, I began to listen very attentively. I started to realize that that this was it!! The missing link to what was needed to stop my suffering. Nobody else had taught me the truth. My suffering from depression and anxiety could actually end! Learning the steps of Katherine’s healing method was equivalent to being handed the keys to unlocking the deadbolt of depression that I was imprisoned in. What a revelation!! The joy was immediate. The work was not easy. In fact, at times hard and tedious, but totally worth it!! God is great! Jesus provides all we need to be healed of our harmful psychological suffering, and Katherine’s step-by-step teaching methods specifically taught me how. I am forever grateful to Katherine, for her help with my marriage, my parenting, and for her devotion as a trusted friend. My depressions, despite what I had been told by multiple counselors and ministers, never returned. I take no medications, and never again will. The healing is permanent and real. Katherine’s commitment to prayer, a real relationship with Christ, a continuous searching for the truth, and a humble desire be used as a vessel to bring psychological healing to all who are open to hearing God’s truth, are all a testament to her authenticity.  Katherine’s healing techniques provide solid effective solutions to anyone suffering emotionally, who is ready to stop trying all the secular methods which only offer band-aids and temporary symptom relief to the deep internal wounds of the soul that only Jesus can permanently heal.

Highly Recommended by Priests, Doctors, and Seminary Professors...

Father James (Jim) Collins

Father Jim is the Pastor of St. Joseph's Catholic Parish in Newton, NC of the Diocese of Charlotte
"If you want real permanent healing from sin and faulty behavior, I recommend Katherine Miller de Vences' writings and her work through the Theology of the Soul Psychology Institute. I have known Katherine for 15 years. She is a friend, confidant, and counselor. When I first met Katherine, I asked her what she did for work, and learned she was a practicing licensed professional counselor. With an interest in this myself, I asked about her method of "treatment". I wanted to improve my own skills in order to counsel my parishioners and people who go to the sacrament of confession. She began to share with me what she had learned through private study and prayer. Her methods offer real permanent healing and spiritual growth. I have used her methods with my own personal healing and have taught others to use them for their emotional healing and overcoming all sinful behavior."

Dr. Selene Garcia

Dr. Garcia is a dentist in Mexico
and also a devoted wife and mother.
"The loss of a loved one is the most difficult thing that I have had to face at this point in my life.  My younger sister was a key part of my life and that of my family.  I was very angry when she died suddenly and I could not understand why if she was a good person, without vices and with a great future, how this misfortune could have happened to her, until Katherine (who I can now say is also a dear friend) helped me to deeply and profoundly understand my feelings, to always put God in the forefront, that we become obsessed and angered because things do not happen as we wish and how this is selfish.  And she has taught me how we must live every day being grateful no matter what happens.  I have learned boundaries; to be patient with mine and others feelings about what happens to us and to respect that we unfortunately do not all understand things in the same way, to hope and ask God to give us strength and resignation and help us to understand because He knows why things happen.  Do not hesitate to contact Katherine because she has a unique method in order to help you understand what you are feeling that makes you see things in a totally different and coherent perspective and that makes you wake up and see life correctly."

Professor Dr. Philip Blosser

Dr. Blosser is a Professor of Philosophy at
Sacred Heart Major Seminary in Detroit, Michigan and is the author of many publications, including his blog, "Musings of a Pertinacious Papist"
"I have known Katherine Miller de Vences for some twenty-five years. Katherine has always impressed me with her spiritual and psychological  insights and sense of moral responsibility. During my tenure at Lenoir-Rhyne University, I once invited her to address my class on the issues of medical, psychological, moral and spiritual etiology and implications of sexual promiscuity, including active homosexual behavior. I was impressed by the sensitivity and moral and psychological insight with which she dealt with these issues. Her presentation was well received by the class. I have also benefited from consultations with her about how best to address the emotional, spiritual, and moral challenges faced by my seminarians where I now teach. She was also able to provide me with some guideline handouts for spiritual and psychological self-examination that I have been happy to share with my classes. I recommend her work with enthusiasm."
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