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             back in Psychology!

  The Way to Lasting Healing 
Heal the Soul...Heal the Person!
True Psychology© & Lasting Healing Psychology©
with the LHP Method: 10 Steps to Lasting Healing©

„If the [secular] psychological approaches were the path to mental health and peace, the happiest men in the world would be psychiatrists.”

Venerable Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen

What is True Psychology?

True Psychology©

    1.  Definition of Insanity
    2.  The Power is Not from Inside Us
    3.  Being a "Medical Science" vs. Truth
    4.  The Safety & Feelings First Mentalities
    5.  Research, Statistics, & Theory
    6.  Twin Studies
    7.   When comparing Animals to Persons
    8.  What a Psychological Disorder is NOT
    9.  Brief History: Origin of "It's the Brain"

    1.  The Correct Definitions
    2.  What is the Soul?
    3.  Conscience & Subconscious
    4.  We are a Body+Soul single entity
    5.  The Lesser can Hinder the Greater
    6.  The Chemical Imbalance
    7.  Emotions of Animals & Persons
    8.  Sticks & Stones...!
    9.  What a Psychological Disorder IS

What is Lasting Healing Psychology?

LHP Method: 10 Steps to Lasting Healing©

    1.  Develop & Improve Union with The Divine (Truth+Love+Virtues)
    2.  Humility vs. Insecurity (Seek Truth & Love Self)
    3.  Truth about Emotions, Suffering, & How to Heal
    4.  Self-Awareness ("Examination of Conscience")
    Repentance & Remorse (I'm Wrong, I'm Sorry, I Want to Change)
    Contemplative Prayer (How to Listen to & Hear The Divine)
    Discernment ("Discernment of Spirits")
    Protection from Evil Spirits & Stop "Bad Coping"
    9.  Forgiveness (Of Self & Others)

    10.  Healing of Memories & Trauma (Live in the Present)

True Psychology© &
Lasting Healing Psychology© with
the LHP Method:
10 Steps to Lasting Healing©

~ Highlights:

      "The Crucifixion" watercolor by Madeline Graham, age four           

True Psychology vs Modern Psych. & Psychiatry

(Truth vs. Lies!)
What do terms such as: “Soul”, “Psychology”, “Psychiatry”, "subconsious", "self-esteem", and others really mean? Where is our intellect and its memories really located?  Is language really "fluid"?

True History of Psychology and Psychiatry

(It wasn't Freud!)
Were Psychology and Psychiatry originally biological / physical sciences?  Who were the instigators and inventors of modern Psychology and Psychiatry and what was their hidden agenda?  Who took the Soul OUT of Psychology?  Can Psychology and Psychiatry ever be a medical science?

Traps of Psychology and Psychiatry Research

(Empty rat holes!) 
What does all  psychological and psychiatric research have in common?  What is being ignored and not controlled for?  Are theories fact or just opinion?  Does the "study" really "show"...?

Truth about All Emotions (finally)

(What Apes CAN'T do!)
What are emotions really? What are their real causes? What are the emotional differences between animals and humans?  What are the two types of emotional suffering?

What "Psychological Disorders" really are

(Do you see what I see?!...Do you hear what I hear?!...Do you know what I know?!)
How are psychological disorders really caused?  What are psychological disorders really?  Who decides?

"L H Psychology Method"
(10 Steps to Lasting Healing)

(Stop harmful emotional suffering!)
Does permanent healing exist for all psychological disorders; mental disturbances (a.k.a. "mental illness"), including all addictions (vices), all forms of disordered attractions and gender confusion, & all emotional trauma?  How?  How do psychotropic meds really affect us?

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