Putting the Soul                     
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             The Way to Lasting Healing

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 We at TOS educate and train individuals and groups, from anywhere in the world, on realities and principles of "True Psychology" & "Lasting Healing Psychology" utilizing the "10 Steps to Lasting Healing" uncovered by our founder, LK Miller de Vences, in order that all of humanity may learn how to receive "Lasting Healing" for all types of psychological struggles; including, but not limited to, all harmful emotions, psychological disorders, addictions (vices), gender and attraction confusion, and emotional trauma. 
The objectively true psychological principles and methods of "True Psychology" & "Lasting Healing Psychology" are founded in Thomistic Philosophy and Theology, which progress one in the interior spiritual life of sanctification.

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Putting the Soul Back in Psychology!

                 The Way to Lasting Healing...                       
                                            ...One Truth at a Time!

"One cannot take the methods and conclusions of one science and apply them indiscriminately to another science."
"Each has its own method and is entitled to that method."
“Every particular science has its own domain; its own method.” 
“And a good thinker will not allow the methods and the categories and the theories to overflow into other domains.”
- Venerable Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen,
(Television Series, “Life is Worth Living”, Episode, “How to Think”, 1955)

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