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Friday, May 14, 2021, 20:55

It's more than sex, drugs, and alcohol! 

We are "looking for Love in all the wrong places".

An Addiction is a Vice.

A Vice is anything we primarily use to seek happiness outside of a close friendship with God. How so?

The only way we can achieve True Happiness is from receiving, believing, and living Love-Truth. And the only original source of Love-Truth, is He Who IS Love-Truth. Love-Truth is the Divine Persons of God the Father, God the Son (Jesus Christ), and God the Holy Spirit.

An addiction/vice is something we "think" we need, that is NOT Love-Truth Himself, in order to be "happy": aka feel: Peace, Contentment, Joy, and/or Fulfillment, because we are trying to fill our souls with what does not satisfy, because we are ignorant of Who Love-Truth-Peace-Joy really Is. We are "looking for Love [&-Truth-Peace-Joy-Fulfillment] in all the wrong places".

Addiction/Vice is anything we primarily use to try to make ourselves emotionally feel better and try to stop emotionally feeling bad that is NOT God (Love-Truth-Peace-Joy), including anything we primarily use to entertain ourselves that is NOT from God and NOT about God.

All addictions/vices are sins.

If we do not 100% blame ourselves for our addictions and are not 100% sorry for choosing our addictions we will never become healed of them.

People with addictions who refuse to work with Jesus Christ to become healed and learn Truth, lie about themselves and blame their addictions, feelings, and sins on everything else but themselves.

The only things that cause anyone's addictions is their own free will to choose to be selfish and NOT want Truth. Blaming anyone or anything else that did or did not happen to them is a lie. We need to stop looking for scapegoats to blame, including physical ailments for our prideful selfishness, and stop enabling others to selfishly use others and blame as well.

We are all addicted to something(s). If it's not something material and external such as some type of: media, food, alcohol, a drug, smoking, sexual behaviors, spending, working, hobby, etc, we are addicted to blaming (blaming: feelings, bad choices, other sins, etc), to selfish using, and to pride of not wanting to recognize and accept the Truth.

Where to start?

Pray: "Jesus I'm sorry I don't want to know what my addictions are, please heal me, fill me with Your graces and virtues to want to know my addictions, and show me Your Truth about what my addictions are and how to cooperate with You healing them, Thank you."

Pray: Jesus I'm sorry I don't want to stop my addictions, please heal me, fill me with Your graces and virtues, show me Your Truth, and give me Your desire to want to stop choosing my addictions, Thank You."

God Loves you and wants you to feel Loved!

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